Alchimie brings 40,000 hours of VODs to Samsung TV Plus in Europe

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Samsung TV Plus keeps getting better. Alchimie, the content aggregation and distribution company has partnered with Samsung to bring its VOD channels to European countries including France, Italy, Spain, and the UK through Samsung TV Plus.Samsung TV Plus gets up to 12 new channels in each European countryAlchimie’s library boasts 40,000 hours of content spread across differently-themed channels. Through Samsung TV Plus, Alchimie will deliver up to 12 new local channels in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. The list of programs covers MMA TV (mixed martial arts), Sports, Lifestyle, Music, Special Interests, Humanity, and more.Alchimie CEO, Nicolas d’Hueppe, cited by Advanced Television claims Samsung’s TV Plus is a great partner, connected TV viewing is increasingly popular and Alchimie has the library of premium multi-language content, the portfolio of channels and the editorial expertise to ensure that Samsung’s TV Plus will be able to offer a range of channels to its growing European audiences.Earlier this week, Samsung also partnered with Wurl Network to deliver Fashion TV to the Samsung TV Plus platform. As a reminder, Samsung TV Plus is available on Samsung Smart TVs released in 2016 and later as a free-of-charge ad-supported streaming service. It’s a Samsung exclusive and our sources tell us the company is developing a TV Plus app for mobile to extend the content’s reach to millions of additional Galaxy customers.

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