AirDroid update brings nearby sharing Airdrop-style

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While we’re still waiting for an Android version of Apple’s very useful Airdrop sharing, a popular third-party file transfer app has received a new update that would make it a bit similar to that. AirDroid now has a feature that would make it easier to send files to nearby devices without having a shared connection. While there are some disadvantages to not requiring a shared connection, if you need something similar to Airdrop, then this is the best alternative right now.

AirDroid became popular when it first came out as it has a lot of functionalities that an Android user would find useful. But Android Police says its reputation dropped because of some heavy in-app ads as well as some security concerns. They are probably hoping that this new feature would get some people back into the fold, especially those who are looking to make it easier to share files with nearby devices.

To be clear, the ability to share files with devices that are nearby is now a new thing for AirDroid. What’s different this time around is the you are able to do so without having a shared connection. You will still need to sign in to your registered AirDroid account but after that it’s pretty easy to detect devices that you want to transfer files to, provided that they are near to you of course.

To be able to do so, just go to the Nearby tab on the AirDroid app and then search it for the device that you want to transfer something to and then connect to it. The other device might get a prompt so you need to inform the user that you will send something so they can accept it. Supposedly you can just drag and drop the files you want to send even without WiFi or any Inernet connection.

The disadvantage to not having a shared connection is that the file transfer can be pretty slow. They tested it out and it was just at 20-70 KB per second. So you’ll probably just want to wait for the Nearby Sharing feature that Android will add to our phones someday. In the meantime though, AirDroid is one alternative that you can use.

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