Airborne adventure ‘The Falconeer’ is being developed by one person

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At Windows Central, we always try to bring you news about upcoming, interesting smaller games. Today, we’re going to talk to you about The Falconeer. Before we talk about the game, we should tell you that it’s being developed by one person. Tomas Sala is an independent game artist and designer as well as the co-founder of game studio Little Chicken Game Company. Tomas is best known to most gamers for his exotic Skyrim Mod series.

According to The Falconeer’s Steam page, the game is an airborne ocean-world fantasy role-playing game set in “The Great Ursee.” Take your armed aerial mount to the skies as you explore a bleak and hauntingly beautiful world, filled with wonderous locations and warmongering rival factions vying for the mysterious secrets hidden at the Ursee’s unfathomable depths. The Falconeer puts you in control of the ultimate airborne warrior. Delivering devastating ranged attacks and combining classic dogfighting mechanics with acrobatic twists and turns, you’ll go wing-to-wing with rival Falconeers as well as large lumbering airships, flying beetles, manta rays and deadly dragon-like weavers.
Today, the official The Falconeer Twitter account revealed that the game was coming to Xbox One and PC later this year. While no concrete release date was provided, it’s great to see that it’s making its way to Microsoft’s console. Hopefully, it’ll be Xbox One X Enhanced and look great on a 4K display.

It’s unclear if it’s coming to PlayStation 4 at the same time or a later date. The announcement was only made for the Xbox One and PC versions. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more, or receive a concrete release date. Until then, keep The Falconeer on your radars.

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