Affordable Galaxy foldable phone could be in the works

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip camera

Samsung plans to bounce back this second half of the year. It has to do something concrete since Huawei has overtaken the South Korean tech giant last quarter in the global smartphone market. In the recent weeks, Samsung “unpacked” a slew of new products starting with the Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Watch 3, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G. Samsung also launched the Galaxy Z Flip 5G variant. The phones announced are all premium.

We’re not sure if and when Samsung will sell the expensive phones. We know a lot of fans will still buy but at this time of pandemic, people may probably choose the more affordable ones from other OEMs. Samsung still has the mid-range phones, as well as, foldable phones.

As for the foldable phone game, Samsung has the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. It has yet to introduce a more affordable foldable phone but it just might soon. The lowest-priced so far is $1,380 which is still a lot of money. We can only dream about a sub $1,000 foldable phone but we know, someday, such will be ready.

The foldable phone arena is relatively new so we understand why the phones are expensive. Maybe in the next few years, foldable phones will become the standard and they will be cheaper.

The Galaxy Z Flip costs lower. The budget foldable device is said to be a clamshell phone. Could the future Z Flip be more affordable than ever? That is a possibility. A phone with model number SM-F415 has been spotted with some details being shared like 64GB or 128GB storage and the color options–Blue, Green, and Black.

A low-cost clamshell foldable smartphone is really possible but it may take some time. The foldable display tech is new so we can still expect a number of issues, especially on the display. What Samsung can do is to lower the other specs and features to save costs. The hinge and foldable display can be expensive so we’ll see what part or hardware can be compromised. How affordable is affordable? A $1,000 price tag is acceptable but perhaps lower than that will be better–around $600 to %800? Maybe.

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