Adobe rolling native Windows 10 on ARM support out for Photoshop

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Surface Pro XSource: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central

Adobe Photoshop can natively run on Windows 10 on ARM PCs, such as the Surface Pro X starting this month. Native support brings one of the best Windows 10 photo editing apps to a growing collection of devices built for working on the go. A help page from Adobe specifies that native support rolls out for Photoshop this month and outlines all of the details.

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Photoshop supports the vast majority of the same features as the version available on non-ARM PCs. There is, however, a small list of features that aren’t available on Photoshop running natively on Windows 10 on ARM:

  • Import, Export and playback of embedded video layers
  • Shake Reduction filter
  • Invite to Edit workflows are not supported. To learn alternative ways to send invitations via Web, see Access and edit shared cloud documents.
  • Preset Syncing is not on by default
  • Windows Dial Support
  • Generator and related features
  • Opening or placing U3D files
  • Starting Photoshop from Lightroom ‘Edit In’ command
  • Oil Paint Filter
  • Spell Checking and hyphenation for Hebrew and Arabic languages
  • Plugin Marketplace panel

Microsoft started beta testing Windows 10 on ARM support for Photoshop back in November 2020. Now, it’s rolling out to everyone this month.

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