Adding a microSD card reader to the Surface Pro X

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Best answer: No, Microsoft’s Surface Pro X does not have a microSD card slot. To use storage cards with this device, you’ll need an adapter.

No reader on the Surface Pro X

MicroSD cards are used today by millions of devices worldwide. From smartphones to tablets, cameras to Raspberry Pis, these small storage cards are relied upon by many. While a microSD card reader can be found on many tablets and laptops, the Surface Pro X does not have any such port. To make use of a microSD card, you’ll need an adapter.

Luckily, there are plenty of options available, the best one here being a USB Type-C adapter. The Vanja adapter we recommend is a small device that connects to a single USB Type-A or -C port (the Surface Pro X has the latter), opening up two further ports: one for SD cards and another for microSD cards.

What makes this adapter handy is the two different USB connector types, allowing you to not only hook up an SD card to your Surface Pro X but also a desktop PC or other device with USB Type-A ports, without requiring an additional adapter.

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