Add voice commands to Xbox with an Echo Dot, just $29 for Cyber Monday

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In 2013, Microsoft touted its Kinect voice commands, and later, Cortana voice commands for use with its Xbox consoles. Fast forwards to 2020 and Cortana is well… basically dead. But all is not lost if you’re a voice command fan.

For just $29, you can add in the new fourth-gen Echo Dot into your entertainment set up, which gives you Alexa commands for your Xbox console and much, much more.

Xbox, do stuff

Amazon Echo Dot (2020 version)

The center of smart home goodness

The Amazon Echo Dot is a voice-assisted speaker that gives you the ability to send commands to Xbox consoles, and many other devices too.

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most popular smart speaker, and for good reason. The value at this price is quite crazy, considering all of the stuff you can do with it. Beyond simply adding in Xbox voice commands with the Xbox skill integration, you can also integrate Spotify music, get news updates, integrate smart home bulbs, plugs, and other devices, and much more.

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I find myself using her mostly to ask simple questions like, “convert 50cm to inches” or like, “what’s the time in New York?” which is especially useful when you’re a Brit working for a U.S.-based website.

You can connect up multiple Echo speakers in a single household to create an announcement system for your home, and set up routines for more complex multi-layered commands. I have a routine set up to automatically turn on a range of smart lights from different manufacturers and also set specific colors too. Set up is supremely easy too, with a tutorial guide through an app on your smartphone.

Even if you’re not planning to buy for yourself, the Echo Dot makes for a great affordable gift, too!

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