ActionDash digital wellbeing app acquired by Sensor Tower

Having an offline-online balance is an important thing for a lot of people, even during this time of the pandemic. Google has been pushing their Digital Wellbeing tools but not all Android smartphones are able to have this. ActionDash is a third-party app that brought these functionalities to all Android devices and even improved some of the features. Developer Chris Lacy has now revealed that he decided to accept the offer of Sensor Tower to acquire the app from him.

Lacy shared in a blog post that he accepted the acquisition offer from mobile analytics company Sensor Tower. He assured app users that the new owners of ActionDash are not in the business of collecting and selling user’ personal information. They might use “aggregated, anonymized app usage data” from the app but you will have the option to opt in or out of the new owners’ data collection.

When you open your ActionDash now, you’ll get a UI promo informing you of the change of ownership and then asking if you’re in or out when it comes to data collection. There are also some improvements now, including the fact that all of the premium features are now available for everyone. There is still an in-app upgrade which has biometric authentication and usage history more than seven days but now it’s just $0.99 instead of the previous $6.99.

If you have not yet tried out ActionDash, it brings a lot of Digital Wellbeing features like notification tracking, screen time measurements, app usage limits, schedules, etc. If you opt in to share you’re anonymized usage data, you will be able to access new features like YouTube usage stats. But even if you don’t, you will still get the “full featured ActionDash experience.”

If you’re curious about what’s next for Chris Lacy, he also shared that this acquisition allows him to soon launch his brand new and long in development new app. That’s something to look forward to. And hopefully, Sensor Tower will do justice to ActionDash.

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