Action Launcher update brings more adaptive icon styles, manual color picker

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Third party launchers are some of the ways that you can personalize your Android smartphone and change the looks and even the UI every once in a while. Action Launcher is one of the more popular ones out there and they’re now rolling out version 46 which brings several new ways to personalize your icons, folders, and other aspects of your device. This update brings five more adaptive icon styles, a manual color picker for its quick theme, daily backup options, and support for Android 11.

The update to Action Launcher brings five new adaptive icon styles namely Flower, Hexagon, Pebble, Square, and Vessel. Choosing any of these new styles will apply not just on the icon themselves but also on the folders. This is something that the Pixel Launcher doesn’t do so if you want even your folders to adapt to the style you want, then this third-party launcher is the way to go.

The launcher also has a Quicklauncher feature which adapts your search bar, folders, and app drawers depending on the color of your wallpaper and they have had it for some time now. But the update to Action Launcher makes it even better. You now have full support for manual color selection in Quicktheme after being able to manually select a color from the Material color palette in version 42.

Previously, you could already manually export home screen layouts if you wanted to save them for later. Now you will be able to have daily layout backups to help you automate this feature. All you have to do is configure it to your Google Drive and it will then automatically back it up daily so you will never need to do so manually.

Version 46 of the Action Launcher also now adds builds to support Android 11 so it will be fully compatible with the privacy focused changes. Go ahead and update your Action Launcher or if you have not yet tried it yet, now is the time to download it.

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