Action Blocks allows people with disabilities to communicate

Google Android Action Blocks

The Android team keeps on improving the ecosystem. There are several updates lined up and we’re hoping we can keep track of all of them especially the more important ones. The mobile platform is relatively easy to navigate but there are people who need more help. Those with cognitive disabilities may require more assistance and that is when the Google Assistant can be of help. The Android devs said there are about 630 million people with some form of cognitive disability needing help to make things easier.

Google has introduced DIVA previously at the I/O. The program has been designed to help someone with Down Syndrome, is legally blind, and is dead. It helps a person with disabilities help to interact with the Assistant without having to use words. It makes a person more autonomous and able to do things on his own.

Without assisting a person with a disability, he or she can do some things like any other regular person. Listen to music or watch a movie or TV show with DIVA. This project was successful in that it inspired Action Blocks. This new feature helps those with cognitive disabilities to operate Android tablets and phones.

Action Blocks helps add Assistant commands to the home screen with an image. The custom image can then be used as a visual cue. The idea is that an icon will be prepared for a group of related tasks or apps one may be using regularly.

With Action Blocks, people with cognitive disabilities are empowered. The feature helps them to communicate with loved ones easily, engage in the world, and provide them independence. The project isn’t finalized yet but it should be ready soon.

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