Acer Nitro 7 is a great mid-range gaming laptop on sale for Cyber Monday

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If you’re in the market for an affordable gaming laptop either for yourself or as a Christmas pressie for a close relative, Microsoft and Acer have a pretty sweet deal going on for Cyber Monday.

Over $400 off the asking price, the Acer Nitro 7 is just $700 for Cyber Monday, making it an absolute steal considering its specs.

With a full HD LCD display panel, an Intel i7 9750H CPU, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage, this laptop will crush older and lighter games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Overwatch, and will run AAA games on compromised visual settings at HD with relative ease.

This laptop will also run thousands of older games on Steam and other PC storefronts extremely well, if you’re looking for something light for a big trip down memory lane. It’s also a great laptop for a younger gamer’s first PC, who might just be happy playing the latest trending titles like Fortnite and such. It even has modern ports and a fairly nice design. Hell, writing this out I’m considering buying one myself.

It’s on sale now from the Microsoft Store for just $700 through to Cyber Monday, so don’t wait around. Be sure to stick around and check out some other great laptop deals for Cyber Monday.

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