Acer announces National Geographic edition of its Aspire Vero laptop

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Acer continues to grow its Earthion platform, which aims to address environmental challenges with a range of solutions. As part of the platform, Acer works with its supply chain partners, customers, and employees to reduce the environmental impact of electronic devices. The latest device under this banner is the Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition. The laptop features a design inspired by the climate and National Geographic’s iconic yellow color.

A version of the Aspire Vero launched late in 2021 without a National Geographic design. The laptop itself is largely the same whether you get the National Geographic Edition or the standard version of the device. The Aspire Vero has 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in its chassis and 50% PCR in its keycaps.

Acer built the Aspire Vero to be repaired easily. Its back can be opened with a standard Phillips-head screwdriver, which is surprisingly rare among many of the best Windows laptops. Opening the laptop allows owners to replace the device’s RAM or SSD.

The spec table below includes details for the standard edition of the laptop, which may vary slightly from the National Geographic Edition.

The National Geographic Edition of the laptop features a topographic map on its cover. This design is meant to remind people of the rising sea levels caused by climate change. The inside of the laptop has a yellow border reminiscent of the cover of National Geographic magazine.

Acer also designed the packaging of the Aspire Vero to be easier on the Earth. The inner packaging the device is shipped in is built to be reused as a laptop stand or as a multipurpose box. The packaging is made of 85% recycled paper, and a sleeve made of 100% industrial recycled plastic is in the box with the laptop.

Each purchase of a National Geographic Edition of the Aspire Vero supports the National Geographic Society.

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