A rumored ‘Lunar Shift’ Xbox Series X|S controller has leaked on Twitter

What you need to know

  • A new design of Xbox Series X|S controller was leaked today on Twitter, named the Lunar Shift.  
  • An Amazon affiliate Twitter page came across the design whilst searching for offers to share with their followers. 
  • The controller “changes color with light and motion” and has a swirl design on it’s textured grips.

Another member of the Xbox Series X|S accessory line-up has been revealed today, by none other than a Twitter user, Espía de Ofertas whose bio describes them as an Amazon affiliate who shares tech offers. The user came across the space age design “Lunar Shift” whilst looking for deals. 

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If the packaging shots are to be believed, the controller will be a “surreal shimmer” that changes color with light and motion. The textured grips on the rear of the controller feature a “unique color swirl design”.

This leak is the second of its kind this week, earlier we shared news of the Mineral Camo Special Edition which was leaked and then subsequently confirmed by Microsoft, and going up for purchase at $70. This is hot on the heels of the new white edition Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which is priced slightly below the typical asking price of an Elite Series 2, albeit with some extras removed like the charge base, additional thumbsticks, and so on.

At time of writing we have been unable to find the controller on Amazon, so it may have been swiftly removed following the leak. As such, we cannot confirm its legitimacy at this stage, but it looks very similar to some of Microsoft’s previous gradient-style controllers, like the “Phantom” range. Microsoft sure does love its controller designs, so we’re willing to file this one under “definitely maybe” for now.

Rest assured we’ll keep you posted if we get some official confirmation, and let you know when (and if) it goes on sale.  

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