A Realme laptop might be in the works, launches in Q3 2021

Realme first joked about launching a new laptop for April Fools’ Day, but we now have every reason to believe that the company might be serious about it. Realme published a questionnaire asking about users’ gender, age, annual income, what kind of phone they are using at the moment and if they are satisfied with it. Interestingly enough, there were a couple of notebook-related questions in there as well, hence the headline in the community forum post.

A Realme laptop might be in the works, launches in Q3 2021

Users are asked whether they are planning on buying a new laptop in the next three months or so and how much are they willing to spend. The range starts at INR 30,000 and tops at INR 50,000, so Realme’s future laptop might be priced anything in between. The form also asks what brand of laptop do they own.

If the questionnaire is anything to go by, we suspect Realme is indeed planning to do a laptop launch in India and it’s dipping its toes to test the waters. And if a notebook is planned, it would most probably launch in Q3 2021 or after that.


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