A new video dives deeper into the Galaxy Note 20 S Pen pointer feature

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A hands-on video with the yet-to-be announced Galaxy Note 20 emerged at the beginning of the month, and among other things, it briefly revealed a new addition to the S Pen called S Pen pointer. Now a new video from the same source has popped-up on YouTube, detailing this new addition to the Galaxy Note 20 lineup.S Pen pointer can be considered an evolution of Air Actions – a feature introduced with the Galaxy Note 10 – or at the very least, it seems to be Samsung’s way of making more extensive use of the new S Pen’s internal gyroscope. S Pen pointer turns the Galaxy Note 20’s S Pen into a laser pointer with mouse-like functionality, and we’re guessing that it will be quite useful for Powerpoint presentations and similar applications.The new feature comes with a handful of settings. Galaxy Note 20 owners will be able to set the speed of the S Pen pointer, choose a different color and size, and they’ll also have the option of enabling or disabling a trail effect for the pointer.How does S Pen pointer work?S Pen pointer can be enabled by pressing and holding the S Pen button and shaking the S Pen. The pointer will then appear on the Galaxy Note 20’s screen, and users can move the pointer by pressing and holding the S Pen button.Pressing the S Pen button once while pointing at an item on the screen will select the item, while pressing and holding the button while moving the S Pen will scroll the page. Yes, this seems to be the same command as moving the pointer, so either Samsung’s explanations are yet incomplete or the ones presented in the videos are not entirely accurate. In any case, you can check the video below and get a better sense of what the S Pen pointer feature added to the Galaxy Note 20 is all about.

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