A new update is rolling out for Samsung Internet beta

Many Galaxy device users prefer Samsung Internet. The company ships its own web browser on all of its devices. It offers powerful features that significantly enhance the browsing experience, more so than other browsers.

So it’s always exciting when the company sends out an update for the browser. It offers a beta version of Samsung Internet as well through which users can test new features before they’re released to the public.

Samsung Internet Browser beta has a new update

The company has rolled out a new update for the Samsung Internet beta browser. It arrives about a month after the previous update was released.

The previous update made some minor improvements to the browser. It addressed a freezing issue that occurred when doing a swipe gesture during full-screen video playback. It also fixed an error that prevented the browsing history from being properly displayed on some devices.

This particular update that’s rolling out today doesn’t bring much in the way of new features. The changelog mentions that it only includes bug fixes and improves the stability of the app. So it seems that fans of the browser may have to wait some time before there are any new features to try out.

The Samsung Internet Browser beta version is rolling out and available for download now.

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