A new Samsung smartwatch appears to be on the way – and it may be the Galaxy Watch 2

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We could have our first hint that a Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is officially in the works, with a new leak providing a model number of a new wearable.

According to a report from GalaxyClub, the Korean giant has a new device under development with the model number at SM-R840.

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As the original Samsung Galaxy Watch had the model number of SM-R800 ahead of its launch in 2018, it would seem to indicate that the device in question could be in someway linked to the Galaxy Watch line.

This is compounded by other model numbers that appeared for the Galaxy Watch Active line. We saw a similar leak prior to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 launch, which detailed the model numbers SM-R820, SM-R825, SM-R830 and SM-R835.

However, these Active numbers dp also confuse things slightly, because the new Samsung smartwatch doesn’t necessarily have to be a successor to the Galaxy Watch – it could be a totally new wearable when it reaches launch.


Another thing we don’t have from this leak is any other model numbers, which is typical of an upcoming device that includes different models for LTE editions and different sizes. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, of course, they’re just not present in this leak.

The only other piece of concrete information we have to go off is the battery size, which is listed at 330mAh. To put that in perspective, the 42mm Galaxy Watch featured a 270mAh unit, while the 46mm model had a bigger, 472mAh battery.

Other than that, the rest is wild speculation, including when we could see both an announcement and a release date for the new Samsung wearable.

One potential reveal date could be on 11 February at the Galaxy S11 event in San Francisco. Samsung does have a history of launching a new flagship watch alongside smartphones, and, if it doesn’t do so, it could also use Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona at the end of February to pull back the curtain.

Or it could wait until later in the year. Or it could never launch it. God, who knows?

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