A new Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta is rolling out with fixes for skins

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We never have to wait long for a new beta build to hit Minecraft, with the beta currently rolling out to any testers enrolled in the program. This beta build for the Nether Update focuses on fixes for player customizations and animations, and is one of the smaller beta builds we’ve had recently. However, any and all improvements are always welcome, so all is forgiven Mojang Studios.

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The changes made in this build include:

  • Fixed crash that could occur when playing an emote and suspending the game
  • Tweaked arm animation for Brutes, Piglins, and Vindicators that have their weapons removed
  • Emotes can no longer be equipped before unlocking them
  • Custom skins now work properly on multiplayer

If you’re interested, you can check out the full changelog for this build here. Otherwise, check out how to enroll in the beta program for Minecraft here, especially if you’re a heavy user of skins or the new emote feature, and you’ve been running into any of these issues.

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