A Moon Landing Goes Awry, Apple Opens Up on iOS Hacks, and More News

India has lost contact with its lunar lander, Apple finally speaks out after an iPhone hack, and an electric dump truck has taken over the internet. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

India’s moon landing may be doomed

Today, India was expected to become the fourth country to soft land on the moon. The craft, Chandrayaan-2, used eight small thrusters, five rocket engines, and a suite of onboard cameras to autonomously guide itself toward its landing location—an area between two craters just 375 miles from the lunar south pole, which would make it the southernmost moon landing in history. All was going to plan until contact was suddenly lost with the lander 2 km above the surface. The Indian Space Research Organization has not yet confirmed if the lander was destroyed on impact or not.

Apple finally breaks its silence on iOS hacking campaign

Last week, Google researchers revealed an unprecedented attack on Apple’s iPhone operating system. After a week of silence, Apple has finally given its side of the story, saying the attack was more “narrowly focused” than the researchers implied, was not a “mass exploitation,” and that it had been fixed months ago in a patch. Apple did not, however, dispute the details of how the campaign worked.

Fast Fact: 45 Tons

That’s how much the eDumper—an internet-viral electric dump truck—weighs. Although its weight is impressive, even more impressive is the fact that it doesn’t need an external source to charge its batteries. It runs on regenerative braking.

WIRED Recommends: DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Shaky video is for amateurs. If buttery smooth video from your cell phone is what you need, look no further than DJI’s latest gimbal. It’s $120, and received a 9/10 from our reviewers.

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