A Global Climate Strike, a Dangerous Huawei Move, and More News

Teens are leading an unprecedented worldwide climate strike, a slap at Huawei could put us all in danger, and Amazon is supercharging an electric vehicle startup. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

A teen started a global climate protest. What are you doing?

In 2018, teenager Greta Thunberg skipped school one day to sit down outside the Swedish parliament and begin a movement. That movement culminated today in a global climate protest, from Sydney to Berlin to New York City. In what is widely anticipated to be one of the largest youth-led strikes ever, the cause is characterized by signs like “You’ll die of old age, we’ll die of climate change,” and “We can still fix this.” Their hope is that governments not only take climate science seriously but enact bold new laws to combat global warming.

We all could pay a price for the latest slap at Huawei

The cybersecurity organization Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams confirmed Wednesday that it suspended Chinese telecom giant Huawei’s membership due to US sanctions against the company. The problem: Leaving Huawei without these security resources could make its devices more vulnerable to hacking, and those hacked phones could be used to launch attacks on phones from other carriers, too.

Fast Fact: 100,000

That’s how many all-electric delivery vans Amazon has ordered from startup Rivian. It shows Amazon’s interest in owning more of the logistics network it depends on, and is a huge boon for a company that has yet to put a production car on the road.

WIRED Recommends: Roku Upgrades

If you were considering finally getting a streaming device (or upgrading your old one), Roku has updated its line of streamers to make them smaller and faster. It has also added many more features to its software (like new voice commands!) for improved TV watching.

News You Can Use

Here’s how to properly back up your iPhone.

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