With your video output now set up, it’s time to turn to audio. Without great audio, your stream will be a disaster, so it’s important to get things right. If you have multiple audio devices that you want to connect, I recommend using Voicemeeter Banana to manage things, because it’s extremely powerful and once you’ve got over the initial learning curve, really easy to use.

Whatever you’re using, here’s how to set your audio up in OBS.

  1. Click settings in the main window.
  2. Select the audio tab from the menu.

There are now a number of boxes for you to indicate to the software what your desktop audio devices are (speakers, headphones, etc) and your microphone or other auxiliary devices. You also have options to enable push to talk or push to mute for any hardware audio device connected to your PC.



I prefer using Voicemeeter over a setup like this because it’s easier to manage on the fly and you only need to set up a single audio device in OBS. In this case, you set the microphone to your Voicemeeter output and disable everything else.

Levels can be managed from the mixer in the main OBS window. If you’re using a console it’s important to remember that the audio for this will be a source of its own (even if you’re using Voicemeeter) and you’ll have to manage it within OBS. Pro tip: Turn it down, it’ll be way too loud at default settings.

Razer Seiren X
($80 at Amazon)

The Seiren X is an excellent microphone for streamers. It’s affordable, sounds good, isn’t very big and has a shock mount inside it, so you get vibration damping whether on a boom arm or the desktop stand.


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