During Google’s I/O developer conference, Android’s senior director Stephanie Cuthbertson announced that the mobile OS is running on 2.5 billion devices worldwide – a big milestone for the company. That’s about ten years after the first release of Android.

However, keep in mind that the numbers are based on Google Play Store statistics and it doesn’t take into account non-Google Play Store devices such as China’s Android devices without Google Play Services enabled. So in reality, a lot more mobile devices are running Android right now.

The announcement was made during the launch of Android Q beta 3, which is now available for 21 devices.




  1. Ah, but the number of AOSP devices out there is only about an extra 30% of Android sales and mostly in China. Also, because they don’t run Google services, they don’t mean much for Google at all.

    This is supported by Statcounter who reports that iOS has significantly higher usage share than Android in so many developed nations around the world.

    Countries where Apple’s iOS dominates Android by web share:
    Japan: iOS = 72%. Android = 27%
    Australia: iOS = 64%. Android = 36%
    Canada: iOS = 64%. Android = 36%
    Sweden: iOS = 63%. Android = 36%
    Denmark: iOS = 62%. Android = 38%
    USA: iOS = 58%. Android = 41%
    UK: iOS = 55%. Android = 44%
    Norway: iOS = 53%. Android = 47%

    And a few other countries where iOS is very close to Android
    Singapore: iOS = 45%. Android = 54%
    Netherlands: iOS = 44%. Android = 55%

    And China is right on the worldwide average for iOS web share – one reason why the glabal average for iOS is dragged down so far:
    China: iOS = 27%. Android = 70%

  2. Also, that 2.5 billion Androiddevices obviously includes phones and tablets – are they also counting AndroidTVs, smartwatches and any other Android devices?

    Interesting that Apple also recently announced there are 1.4 billion active Apple devices out of which about 1.2 billion are iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and the rest Macs, AppleTVs and Apple Watches.

    So that puts Apple’s iOS platform near 50% the size of Google’s Android platform which is far higher than the quarterly smartphone market share figures all the analysts continuously trumpet.

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