8 Zip got a makeover and new archiving features, and it’s gorgeous

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Popular file archiver 8 Zip received an update this week that brings a fresh new look and several new features. The update makes it easier to use archive encryption, improves archive navigation, and makes it easier to create an archive. It also brings support for hotkeys, SVG files, and several other new features. In addition to feature updates, 8 Zip also received a visual overhaul. The app now follows Fluent Design guidelines and has options for light, dark, and system modes.

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8 Zip also gained a built-in viewer and the ability to open multiple instances of the app. This makes it easier to view files and keep track of everything. Finebits shared a summary of the update with us when it shipped.

Finebits also created a Sway presentation summarizing the update, which includes photos, videos, and longer descriptions of the new features and changes. In addition to the free version of 8 Zip, there’s a pro version which gets you access to more features.

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