6 new gameplay features coming to DOOM Eternal (video)

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DOOM Eternal got delayed late last year, but we’re rapidly approaching the game’s fresh and shiny March 2020 launch date, and recently, one of our gaming editors Carli Velocci got the opportunity to witness the carnage first-hand at a preview event.

DOOM’s formula is timeless, known for high-octane strafing, violent demon-slaying, and oceans of gore, the first-person shooter dredged the depths to unearth new ways to freshen up the bloodshed.

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In our video above, we go through six ways DOOM Eternal has begun evolving the game’s formula, from deeper resource management, even more agility, and new shiny tools the famed Doomguy has at his disposal for demon, err, disposal.

DOOM Eternal launches on March 2020 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4, and we can’t bloody wait.

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