5G phones took 5% of the premium smartphone market in Q3 2019

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Even though the global premium smartphone market segment declined 7% year-over-year in Q3 2019, 5G has helped a little with damage control as it contributed 5% of all premium smartphone shipments.

Samsung takes the lead in the 5G segment with 74% share followed by LG with 11% and vivo with 5%. According to the analytics, the early adoption of 5G in China, South Korea and North America helped tremendously.

And as far as the whole market is concerned, Apple is still leading with a little over than half of the total premium sales with Samsung coming in second with 25% and Huawei securing the third place with 12%. To our surprise, OnePlus and LG complete the top 5 with 2% each and the rest of the makers account for 8% in total.

5G phones occupy 5% of the global premium smartphone shipments in Q3 2019

The strong initial demand for iPhone 11 has propelled Apple to the top of the charts and the decision not to discontinue the iPhone XR has had its effect too.

Huawei managed to stay afloat thanks to its home market sales in China as 80% of the premium sales happened there. The Chinese market contribution to Huawei’s premium smartphone sales was 73% a year ago and Counterpoint thinks the trend will continue as it’s becoming increasingly hard for the company to compete in overseas markets when GMS (Google Mobile Services) are missing.

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