3rd generation Beoplay E8 earbuds now has better battery life

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There are a lot of truly wireless earbuds already out in the market and you won’t run out of devices to choose from. If what you’re looking for is one that you can use for a long time without charging, the 3rd generation of Bang and Olufsen’s Beoplay E8 earbuds is something worth looking at. They say they have made the battery life of these earbuds 119% better than the previous version and can even last you “several” weeks before you have to recharge the case itself.

The Beoplay E8 3rd gen is expected to last up to seven hours of run time but of course it depends on how often you use it. But after the earbuds themselves run out of juice, you can get another four full charge cycles from its storage case that has its own battery. Then when that battery runs out, you’ll have to recharge the storage case. But it will only take you two hours to recharge the case, at least on paper.

Aside from having better battery life, the new generation of these earbuds also has improved in terms of call quality. You now have four microphones instead of the two. This means you get beamforming technology on this model so that the person you’re talking to will hear you better. It is able to suppress the ambient noises from around you. It also has a Transparency Mode for when you need to be aware of the sounds around you even while you’re listening to your music or taking a call.

The new Beoplay E8 comes in a leather-wrapped case and has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. It supports ACC and aptX codecs and can be connected to both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Other than that, it has mostly the same features as the previous generation but with the much-improved battery life, upgrading your previous earbuds or getting your first pair of truly wireless ones should be an easy decision.

You can choose either the Grey Mist or Black Mist color options and it will come with five ear tips so you will still have replacements in case you lose a pair or even one. It will cost you $350 and if you want to add a Qi wireless charger, you’ll have to add $125.

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