25W charging is going to be the Galaxy M31s’ best feature

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Samsung took its sweet time to upgrade the charging speeds on its flagship phones from the rather outdated 15W Quick Charge 2.0 standard that it had been using since 2014’s Galaxy Note 4. Samsung debuted 25W super fast charging tech with the Galaxy S10 5G last year and then made it mainstream with the mid-range Galaxy A70 and the flagship Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. Now, Samsung is all set to introduce 25W fast charging to its most affordable smartphone lineup.The Galaxy M31s, set to be unveiled later this week, is going to be the first M series phone to support 25W charging. Given how Samsung prices its Galaxy M smartphones, the M31s could also be the first sub-$300 device from the Korean giant to feature its latest charging technology. These phones have already offered amazing battery life thanks to their big 5,000 mAh and 6,000 mAh batteries, and the addition of faster charging will make them an even better package for those looking for phones that last all day long and also quickly charge back up again.In fact, the support for 25W charging is going to be the best thing about the Galaxy M31s, as it’s expected to be more or less the same device as the Galaxy M31 (read our review here) as far as the rest of the spec sheet is concerned. And while the Galaxy M31s won’t get a worldwide release, it could be the precursor to 25W super fast charging coming to the more affordable Galaxy A smartphones, such as the Galaxy A52 or Galaxy A42 that are guaranteed to arrive sometime next year, which should excite everyone.It certainly excites me, and I can’t wait to test the Galaxy M31s out and see how it is to live with a mid-range phone with a gigantic 6,000 mAh battery that doesn’t make you wait 2+ hours to go back to 100% charge once it’s been drained from a full day of heavy use.

Galaxy M31s

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