$25 Wyze Band now available for pre-order

Just last month, we told you about the smart band that Wyze was beta-testing which would benefit users of their budget smart home devices. Now we have official confirmation that it’s real and is now available for pre-order. Simply named Wyze Band, it is a very affordable smart wearable so you can control your supported devices and at the same time, you can use it as your activity and fitness tracker. The best news is that it only costs $25 and for that price point, it does have a lot of features.

The Wyze Band can function as an activity tracker, a notification device for your connected smartphone, and a controller for your Wyze devices. It even has heart rate tracking and also supports Amazon’s Alexa so you can give it voice commands. The fact that it can do all that with just a simply designed band and it costs just $25 makes this device something worth considering if you don’t have a smartwatch or wearable band yet.

It has a full-color AMOLED display that’s around the size of a regular thumb and with full touch sensitivity. The battery is small but you should be able to get around 10-14 days on a single charge since it is a small device with a lot of optimizations. It has a 5ATM water resistance which means it can withstand up to 50 meters of water in 10 minutes, which should be good for rainfall but not swimming in the ocean. It also has two microphones so you can use it to call and give commands to Alexa.

If you have Wyze devices, then this will be even more useful. It can tell your Wyze Cam to stop sending notifications once it detects you’re home already. Your band can help you control all the Wyze-connected lights in your house. It can turn on your space header though a Wyze controller outlet. But even if you don’t have Wyze devices, you can still use it as a pretty good fitness or activity tracker.

The Wyze Band is now available for pre-order at Wyze.com for the very affordable rate of $25. It’s a simple-looking wearable but you probably wouldn’t mind with its many functions and all.

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