1MORE announces lighter, more affordable ColorBuds wireless headphones

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After releasing their 1MORE True Wireless ANC just a few months ago, audio company 1MORE has now announced a new truly wireless earbuds for those who need something more affordable. The ColorBuds True Wireless Headphones come in trendy and fashionable colors and a less than $100 price tag. The good news is that it’s lighter and has even better IPX certification than the previous earbuds. The bad news is that to make it more affordable, they had to remove the popular active noise cancellation feature.

The ColorBuds are of course pretty colorful and their selling point is that they’re more fashionable and stylish than the usual earbuds that we’re seeing now. It is also more lightweight and pocket-friendly with just 4.1 grams per earbud as compared to the 7.9 grams per bud of the previous model. Battery life has not been affected as you can still get six hours when fully charged and sixteen hours from the charging case. Charging the earbuds for 15 minutes will give you 2 hours of use

While the earbuds don’t have Active Noise Cancellation like its predecessor, it does have Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) which will surprise ambient noise when you’re making a call so your voice can still be heard. It also has IPX5 sweat and water resistance so you can run in the rain and sweat your heart out without worrying about damaging the earbuds. It also uses fast pairing so after the first pairing, you open the case lid and it will automatically pair.

Sound-quality wise, it will give you hi-fi sound with a “full-range balanced armature” to give you “crisp highs and punchy bass” and less distortion as well. For those who are particular about it, you get higher definition, higher sensitivity and more details across the frequency range. There are also four microphones so you give off crystal-clear sound when you’re talking on a call or a video conference.

The ColorBuds True Wireless Headphones are available in Midnight Black, Twilight Gold, Sakura Pink, and Spearmint Green. It will cost you just $99.99 (told you it was less than a hundred) and is available now for pre-order on 1MORE.com with a 20% discount with the code TRENDY at checkout.

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