11 Weeks of Android – Android Automotive OS, Wear OS and more

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As a part of the weekly series – 11 Weeks of Android, Google brought some interesting Android 11 related news for the tech community. In particular, the ways in which cross-platform features bring flexibility for developers to engage more people – much beyond just phones. To begin with, Android TV is now collaborating with 7 top OEMs and over 106 television operators around the world. There were announcements about instant app trials that help developers build Android TV apps.

Android Auto will also be getting more third-party apps for navigations, parking, and electric vehicle charging. This allows wider adoption by developers who want to host their Android Auto-based apps and more options for users who will be the end-users. There was also announcements about the first-ever Android Automotive OS-powered car the Polestar 2.

The growth in apps optimized for bigger screens has prompted Google to bring more options for developers to create and improve their apps. In the Google Play Store, there have been over 1 million apps tweaked for tablets and large screen devices. New design recommendations for apps and updates to the Android Studio will help developers create highly optimized apps for larger screens.

Then later in the week, the series brought WearOS related updates. Google is now focusing on faster app times for wearables which will be apparent in the platform release this fall. Basic features will get a boost – the likes of Weather interface and the hand-wash timer for proper hygiene in current given times. Overall, Wear OS will leverage the best of Android 11 for a much smoother and useful UI.

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