10 Xbox and PC games that DESERVE sequels (or total reboots)

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We live in an age of remakes and reboots, whether it’s movies, TV shows, or of course, video games, modern technology is allowing us to see classic franchises reimagined in a whole new light. While Hollywood’s efforts on this front have been a bit… hit and miss… shall we say, the video game industry has fared far better at it thus far.

In 2020, we’re getting a full-blown remake of Final Fantasy VII, launching initially on PS4 before heading to other platforms. We’re also getting a remake of Resident Evil 3, following on from the huge success of Resident Evil 2’s remake, and Resident Evil 1’s remake before that. We’re also finally getting a new Half-Life game, albeit VR, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

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Still, there are dozens of dormant franchises from all major publishers that definitely deserve another look in 2020, and we decided to run down ten of our favorite titles that deserve either sequels, or full-blown reboots.

What games would YOU like to see re-imagined or continued? Drop a comment either here or on our YouTube channel.


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