​Top Fitbit Black Friday deals 2021 – bargain deals are live

Fitbit deals have already started dropping for Black Friday – and there’s some really tasty discounts to be had.

Deals have already started dropping over and Amazon, and we’re sure we’ll see more in the coming days and weeks.

But some of these are so good, it might be prudent not to wait for bigger drops over the Black Friday 2021 period – else you might miss out.

Read on for our guide to the deals – where we try and make sense of the Fitbit line-up so you can bag yourself the right tracker.

Fitbit Inspire 2 – $59.95 (save $40)

Fitbit Inspire 2 Black Friday deals 2021

It’s not the lowest price ever for the Inspire 2, as this deal was live for a week around 1 Nov – but it equals the record. It’s a great price for what the Inspire 2 offers – which is a surprisingly feature-rich fitness tracker, that offers top sleep monitoring and the core of Fitbit’s Health Dashboard data. It’s certainly better than the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 – which comes in around the same price.

Fitbit Sense – $199.99 – (save $100)

Fitbit Sense Black Friday deals 2021

The Fitbit Sense health smartwatch has got a big discount on Amazon ahead of Black Friday.

The smartwatch is packed with advanced health sensors, and is currently retailing at $199, beating a deal just last week. We’re sure this is the lowest price of the Black Friday week.

The Fitbit Sense was the company’s most advanced and flagship device – although arguably that baton has now passed to the Fitbit Charge 5. And it got a rave review in our testing, where we described it as the “right smartwatch for these pandemic times.”

It was the device that heralded the Health Metrics Dashboard on Fitbit, which can be a great monitor of your current wellness. And while that is now available across the range, the Sense does offer the most health data possible.

The Sense offers all the most advanced Fitbit features, including ECG, the EDA sensor, body temperature tracking – as well as heart rate, GPS and all the advanced sleep monitoring you expect from a Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge 5 – $129.99 (save $50)

Fitbit Charge 5 Black Friday deals 2021

A surprising deal on the newest Fitbit Charge 5 – which gets slashed $50 despite only launching last month.

The fitness tracker, which features top-end health tech such as ECG, GPS (although there are accuracy issues) and the EDA stress monitoring sensor.

But it’s more than that. The Charge 5 puts every Fitbit feature into a activity band form factor, that looks good, and is suited to (let’s be honest) the male wrist.

The price hiked on the Charge 4, but this deal puts it back to the MSRP of its predecessor. If you’re looking for the best of Fitbit in this form-factor – this is a great deal.

Fitbit Luxe – $99 (save $50)

Fitbit Luxe Black Friday deals 2021

The Fitbit Luxe launched in 2021 as a new addition into the Fitbit line – and it’s been a smash hit.

Finally, a sleek, svelte fitness tracker that women might actually want to wear. In fact, for our money it’s a little too thin and dainty to be a natural choice for men. Who’d have thought such a world was possible?

And it doesn’t shirk on features either, with a powerful feature set including SpO2 and Connected GPS tracked workouts (where you take your phone along too).

There’s no ECG bells and whistles, but the Fitbit Luxe is a powerful fitness tracker.

Fitbit Versa 2 – $119 (save $70)

Fitbit Versa 2 Black Friday deals 2021

The Versa 2 has been usurped by the Versa 3 now – but it’s still a fitness tracking option.

There’s no GPS found on the Versa 3, but if you can look past that then there’s a lot to like.

And at $119 it’s at its lowest price to date – and certainly offers a better app experience than similarly priced budget smartwatches.

The likes of Amazfit GTS 2 offers a better screen and nicer look at this price. But as ever, Fitbit’s excellent ecosystem is the draw here, and a week of battery life. It’s a solid option.

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