​Oppo Watch with ECG gets teased – could be released 24 September

It seems there could be an Oppo Watch with ECG landing after all, with the company teasing a brand new edition of its smartwatch.

Oppo took to Weibo to tease the Oppo Watch ECG, a new version that looks set to land in China.

The original Oppo Watch was widely reported to include ECG, but the feature didn’t make it to the final version.

The teaser claims that the company has already got clearance for the ECG feature, though we’re assuming this is the case in China. We’ll have to see if there’s any other territories.

The teaser also says that we’ll get a proper announcement on 24 September.

This is clearly exciting, and brings the Oppo into exalted company. ECG wearables currently include Apple Watch Series 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Fitbit Sense and Withings ScanWatch.

But it remains to be seen whether we see this outside of China.

Firstly, there Chinese version of the Oppo Watch and the global released version run on different operating systems.

While the features and the design are nearly identical, the company moved from its Color OS for the Chinese version to Google’s Wear OS for the global one.

And it took nearly 4 months for that global release to happen, so it makes us sceptical the Oppo Watch ECG will be a global product from the outset.

Add in that Oppo has chosen to tease the watch on Weibo, indicates this is a Chinese focussed product.

Luckily, we won’t have long to wait to find out Oppo’s plans. Stay tuned.

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