​Mobvoi launches insanely low-priced $60 smartwatch – and it looks good

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Mobvoi has launched the Ticwatch GTX, and at £54.99 it looks like serious bang for your buck.

The company has been turning out cut-price Wear OS watches for a while now, but the new Ticwatch GTX goes it alone, with a custom OS and a 7 day battery life.

A custom OS means a lack of apps and watch faces and the GTX has four to choose from, with some more available to download – and you can also set your own using pictures from your smartphone.

The Ticwatch GTX itself packs in a 49mm case, making it pretty chunky ¬and not very unisex.

It’s a pretty classic smartwatch design, fairly masculine if you ask us, and reminds us of the Huawei Watch 2 from way back in 2015.

You get activity tracking and naturally there’s a heart rate monitor, but one sacrifice of the price is a lack of GPS chip.

Of course, fitness data will be trapped in this custom ecosystem, so we’re sceptical of how much detail you’ll get. However, if you’re spending $55 you’ve probably made peace that the software experience might be basic at best.

Mobvoi launches insanely low-priced $55 smartwatch - and it looks good

Despite that, there are 14 fitness modes, including running, swimming and yoga.

In essence, this is a barebones smartwatch that covers a lot of the basic features that people need from a smartwatch, and at a super-low price.

We’ve seen an influx of low cost smartwatches onto the market from the likes of Amazfit and Huawei, to compete against the likes of the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

But this goes one further. It rails against the likes of the Amazfit Bip S by offering even more for less. And from that perspective, it’s a serious contender.

Of course, we’ll be testing out the Ticwatch GTX, but this could be a serious contender this Holiday season.

The GTX is available to preorder now in US and Canada and goes on sale on Amazon on 3 September. There’s no preorder details for Europe just yet, but we’ll let you know when we hear more.

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