​Amazfit Bip S to launch at CES 2020 – with three new wearables set to land

Amazfit is to launch a follow up to its popular budget smartwatch – the Amazfit Bip S – which is set to be unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

The Big S is set to feature a lighter design according to the teaser tweet from the company – but beyond that we’re still guessing on details.

An outline is shown – and the Bip S looks to stare the same design.

The original Bip which retails for just 50, still managed to pack in GPS – and a previous teaser image shows a definite fitness theme for Amazfit’s CES output.

This could mean that we see advanced fitness features – including ECG, VO2 Max or other fitness insights.

Indeed, the Amazfit Stratos already taps into Firstbeat’s features – so it could filter down to its budget watches.

It’s part of a growing range of smartwatches for Amazfit, which launched the Amazfit GTS back at IFA 2019, which has a design, feature set and spec sheet closer to the Apple Watch. It also launched the Stratos 3 sports watch, which takes on top-end Garmin sports watches.


Three new Amazfit wearables for CES

The Amazfit Bip S is one of three wearables promised in the Amazfit teaser – and as we mentioned, these seem t be part of a coherent fitness push.

The teaser shoes a wrist-based device, and what seems to be a pair of smart wireless buds – which would make sense given the aggressive demand for these devices.

The teaser image also seems to highlight the sneakers – and this could be a reimagining of the Amazfit Antelope smart shoes, some kind of footpod – or a red herring to throw us off entirely. It’s certainly not outside of the realms of possibility of a new pair of smart shoes emerging.

As we’ve seen with Xiaomi devices, the Chinese market is predominantly the target for Huami – and the boom in fitness there means this sport focus is no surprise.

The event will be held on 7 January in Las Vegas – so we’ll get a full idea of what’s next for the company then.

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