Apple knows how networks work. Think how the company managed to become dominant in mobile technology off the back of iTunes and the iPod. It knows tastes change, and it knows how to surf that change. At its best, this is what the company does.

Apple will go 5G when its ready

It looks like the latest Apple critic group think we are going to endure across the next 12-18-months will be: “Apple is late to 5G”.

The argument will be based on a smattering of hardware manufacturers sticking 5G inside of their devices a little earlier than most in the industry, even though the networks aren’t ready, 5G services aren’t really available, and (last time I looked) the standard isn’t even complete yet.

I’d argue that manufacturers trying to get into this early are the equivalent of party guests turning up before the invitations go out. They’ll look pretty foolish if they all turn up in togas for what turns out to be a Star Wars theme party.

You know the next chapter

If you’ve been watching the never-ending AAPL movie, you know what happens next:

The early players in 5G will deliver half-baked services that don’t work to a thunder of marketing.

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