Samsung has been known to make fun of Apple products on its social media channels and through proper made-for-television video commercials, even as it supplies many of the important iPhone components to its Cupertino rival in the background. Well, Samsung US decided the notch on the new Google Pixel flagship needs to be mocked as well and proceeded to do just that on Twitter during and after the Pixel 3 XL’s announcement.Google Pixel 3 XL notch indirectly mocked by SamsungHowever, the Samsung US Twitter account didn’t go after the Pixel 3 XL directly. Instead, it responded to a tweet from a Twitter user who tagged Samsung and asked the company to “save us” from the notch. “Time to botch the notch” was Samsung’s answer, but it didn’t end there. Another tweet had someone telling Google that they had copied a lot from the Korean giant for its new phone. Samsung’s sassy and scathing response was that “not everyone is born to lead.” Samsung also said one could “land a plane on it” in a third tweet. Since the user Samsung responded to in this instance has their account set to private, it’s unclear if the company was taking a jab at the size of the notch or the overall size of the Pixel 3 XL.This is a good example of how Samsung (its US arm in particular) is always ready to poke fun at the competition, whether directly or indirectly, on social media. But it shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee that Samsung itself may never launch a phone with a notch, even though all evidence suggests it may not happen in the near future. Samsung was also upbeat about making fun of other manufacturers not offering user-removable batteries a few years ago, and we all know how things turned out later on.What do you think about Samsung making fun of the Google Pixel 3 XL?Time to botch the notch.— Samsung Mobile US (@SamsungMobileUS) October 10, 2018You could land a plane on it.— Samsung Mobile US (@SamsungMobileUS) October 9, 2018Not everyone is born to lead.— Samsung Mobile US (@SamsungMobileUS) October 9, 2018

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