Roku’s streaming boxes, streaming sticks, and smart TVs have a reputation for being easy to use, but that doesn’t mean every useful feature is obvious from the start. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find plenty of tricks and hidden features that make the experience even better.

Read on for some of my favorite Roku tips:

Install apps remotely

rokuchannelstore Jared Newman / IDG
Installing all your favorite music and video apps can be a pain when you’re setting up a Roku for the first time. Instead of thumbing around with the remote, use the Roku Channel Store website to install lots of apps quickly. Just log into your account, search for the apps you want, then choose “Add channel.” You can also install apps through the Roku app for iOS and Android.

Rearrange your apps

rokumove Jared Newman / IDG
Once you’ve installed all your apps, the next step should be to move your favorites up top. To rearrange the app list, press the * button while highlighting any app, then select “Move channel.” Use the arrow keys to select a new spot and press OK when you’re done.

Hide (some) unwanted menus

rokuhide Jared Newman / IDG
Don’t want Fandango’s TV and movies stores cluttering up your home screen? Head to Settings > Home screen > Movie Store and TV Store, and then select “Hide.”

You can also disable Roku’s “Featured Free” section from the same menu, though I think this is a pretty handy feature.

Find free stuff

rokufeaturedfree Roku
Speaking of free content, Roku offers plenty of it. You can of course download individual free video apps, such as Sony Crackle, Pluto TV, Tubi, and The Roku Channel, but you can also track down free movies and shows straight from Roku’s menus.

The Featured Free section digs up free movies and shows from various apps, including the ones I mentioned above. If you’re looking for something specific—and you have a Roku that supports voice controls—you can search for specific genres by voice. Try saying “free sitcoms” or “free science-fiction shows.” Roku will return a list of results with at least one free source.