Report: AI assistants and chatbots gain traction in the enterprise

Despite concerns over data privacy and immature technology, AI assistants and chatbots are gaining a foothold among businesses, according to a report from IT professional network Spiceworks.

The report, which surveyed 529 IT professionals from North America and Europe, showed that 29% of respondents have implemented one or more chatbots or intelligent assistants for work-related tasks, or plan to do so this year.

Adoption was higher for larger organizations, which have more resources to evaluate emerging technologies, with 24% using AI assistants or chatbots currently and 16% set to deploy the technology this year, for a total of 40%.

“A lot of businesses are starting to see how these technologies are useful, and because they are more widely available, we are seeing adoption increase,” said Peter Tsai, Spiceworks senior technology analyst and the author of the report. He added, however, that the technology is still “in its infancy.”

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