Rainbow Six Siege ‘Maverick’ is a new blowtorch Operator

Meet Maverick – Rainbow Six Siege’s blowtorch-wielding Operator arriving with Operation Grim Sky.

Ubisoft has recently been gearing up for “Operation Grim Sky,” the next major expansion headed to hit tactical shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Two new Operators, a rework of Hereford base, and other content is in the pipeline, with a full reveal slated for August 19 during the Six Major Paris. After recently teasing the electrifying shield defender, Clash, we’ve now received a look at her partner. …

Samsung Developer Conference 2018 early bird registration open today

Samsung confirmed the dates for its upcoming developers’ conference last month. The company conducts its own annual developers’ conference to highlight the advancements it has made in software. It also conducts a variety of workshops for developers to teach them how to take full advantage of Samsung’s software. Samsung Developer Conference 2018 The company confirmed […]

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Hey, Microsoft: Ignore the threat of Discord at your own peril

Out of the big three, Xbox is often hailed for having the best gaming service platform, but in 2018, is that still the case?

Nintendo is increasingly known for its focus on portable games, PlayStation is known for its big-budget blockbuster games, but what is Xbox known for?

At least personally, I feel Xbox has typically been known for its platform services. Xbox Live, Xbox achievements, and now, Xbox Game Pass, completely changed the game. Microsoft has generally been far speedier than Sony and Nintendo at updating its Xbox ecosystem with new features, tweaks, and other improvements. Just this week, Microsoft finally delivered the much-requested wishlist and checkout feature for its store platforms, including Xbox, for example.

Despite the achievements of the Xbox platform team, there are several noteworthy aspects of Xbox Live and its associated services that have slipped into disrepair and neglect. While some of these things are relatively minor, I believe others represent huge…

Road Redemption for Xbox One lets you steal and kill your way to the top

Many waited a year for this.

According to Tripwire Interactive, Road Redemption lets players command a biker gang on an epic journey across the country. The goal is to essentially destroy everything in your path, including other pesky riders. The game features a fairly lengthy campaign judging from its Steam release, and has favorable reviews from consumers. However, online multiplayer is the focus here. You earn money by finishing races, assassinations, and robberies. Better yet, as you collect loot, you’ll upgrade your character, bike, and weapons.

This $100 Philips Hue starter kit has two color smart bulbs and a hub

Bask in the glow of this discounted Philips Hue kit.

This Philips Hue two color bulbs starter kit is only $99.99 on Amazon. This is a new kit that released at a $150 price in early July. Last month, it dropped this low for a short time before rising back to $150. Considering individual bulbs cost about $50 right now and this kit comes with the bridge that is essential to the Philips Hue setup, that’s a good price.

The starter kit comes with two Philips Hue white and color A19 60W equivalent LED smart bulbs, the Philips Hue hub, and a three-year warranty. The A19 bulbs can choose from more than 16 million colors and shades. Once you connect the bulbs to the hub, you can connect the hub to your smart home ecosystem and control it all with just your voice. The hub can support up to 50 bulbs as well, so you can keep adding onto the system. You’ll be able to use the free app to control your lights as well. These kits have 4.1 stars based on over 460 reviews.

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Pay just $59 to host your website for life with Dragify

As business moves online and people’s attention moves to the web more and more, having your own website is more than an asset — it’s almost a necessity. But maintaining a website means paying monthly or yearly hosting fees which can quickly add up over time.

Pay once for a lifetime of high-speed, high-security website hosting! Learn more

Fortunately, there are companies like Dragify Website Hosting which will keep your website hosted and domain registered for a one-time payment of just $59.99.

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ get August security patch update

Is the software update scene for flagship phones undergoing a change at Samsung, or is it just a one-time thing? We really can’t say, but Samsung has now released an update with the August 2018 security patch for two more of its flagship devices. These are the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, which […]

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Samsung announces a pair of Harman co-branded premium soundbars

Coming next month with some large price tags.

Last year, Samsung acquired Harman Internation Industries, the company behind the popular Harman Kardon audio division. Since then, we’ve been waiting to see what the two could do together, and now we have the first product that comes with co-branding on it. Samsung has announced two new soundbars, the HW-N850 and HW-N950, both of which will become available to purchase later this month. Both options will have Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to bring along the best sound quality, and they will have up and side-firing speakers.

As you’d expect from the numbering scheme, the N950 is the more premium option of the two. The key differences here are that it will have four speakers and two wireless surround speakers, while the N850 will have a main speaker and subwoofer. Both will launch on September 1 in the Netherlands and wider availability will follow after that, though specifics were not mentioned. The N850 will have a retail price of €1,000 …

MasterLiquid ML360R RGB, Cooler Master dévoile son premier AIO RGB de 360

Cooler Master complète sa gamme de Watercooling AIO MasterLiquid avec l’arrivée du MasterLiquid ML360R RGB. L’engin permet au constructeur de se positionner pour la première fois sur une telle dimension. Aprés sa présentation, Cooler Master annonce sa disponibilité. Nous sommes en présence d’un Watercooling clé en main. En clair il propose un circuit fermé ne …

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Have a Surface Book? You need to see these awesome accessories.

What are the best accessories for Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Book 2? Read on.

Your Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a fantastic Ultrabook as is, but a few accessories could make your life easier. Whether you’re looking for a new way to play games, a little protection for the body, or some new headphones, these are the best accessories for Surface Book and Surface Book 2.

Prices start at just £11 in this one-day sale on TaoTronics speakers

Speakers of all shapes and sizes are discounted just for one day only.

Today only, you can take up to 30% off the price of a number of TaoTronics Bluetooth speakers and soundbars as part of Amazon UK’s Deals of the Day.

The popular waterproof shower speaker is included in the deal and drops down to just £10.99. With over 2,000 reviewers giving it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, it’s definitely worth a look at that price….

Latest Hitman 2 trailer focuses on tactics and slapping foes with fish

Agent 47 is back to work!

Today, Warner Bros. released a new Hitman 2 trailer which focuses on a variety of features coming to the game on November 13, 2018. In order to become the perfect assassin, you have to blend into the crowd, exploit the environment, and trick numerous personalities. Each decision has a consequence, so the more “invisible” you are, the smoother the mission will go.

[Poll] Is Samsung placing the fingerprint sensor so high on its phones on purpose?

As a loyal Samsung fan, I have a problem with the company’s flagship phones. That’s the placement of the fingerprint sensor. I don’t have big hands, and I can’t reach the fingerprint sensor easily on the Galaxy Note 9. I have the same problem with the Galaxy S9+ and even more so with the Galaxy […]

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GeForce GTX 2000 ou GeForce RTX 2000 series ? Bilan

Quel nom va choisir Nvidia pour ses prochaines GeForce gaming Turing, les GeForce RTX ou les GeForce GTX. Il n’y a pas de réponse officielle. Nvidia ne lâche aucune information mais ne reste pas inactif pour autant. La firme est à l’origine d’une vidéo nommée BeForTheGame. Sa publication a fait parler d’elle car la communauté …

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Do you use Microsoft Pay?

Do you pay for stuff with Microsoft Pay?

Microsoft used to have a service called Wallet that stored all your bank and loyalty cards. The company rebranded the platform to Microsoft Pay to better compete against Android Pay and Apple Pay. Think of it as Microsoft’s version of PayPal. Microsoft recently added support for Masterpass, so we’re intrigued to learn if you’ve been using the service to make purchases online.

Check out Samsung’s foldable phone renders based on patents

Enough has been written about Samsung’s foldable phone, but no one exactly knows how it looks or works. Relying on Samsung’s foldable screen patents, folks at Nieuwemobiel and concept phone designer Jonas Dähnert have fleshed out renders of what the foldable Galaxy smartphone might look like. Though the renders are based on Samsung patents, they […]

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