Boy, oh boy, it’s been a busy week for Google.

The Big G launched a series of brand spankin’ new models for both of its flagship product lines this past Tuesday: the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on the phone side and then the Pixel Slate on the Chrome OS end of the equation. A new Home Hub command center made its debut, too, and an updated Chromecast even quietly crept into the picture.

All of that stuff is certainly fine — heck, some of it may even warrant a good old-fashioned wallet-opening exercise — but you know what? None of it is especially exciting.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, either; it’s just the nature of mobile tech hardware these days. The Pixel phones are more about software than anything, and these new devices are mostly incremental updates to keep the hardware feeling fresh. The Pixel Slate, meanwhile, is really just an alternate version of the Pixelbook — with a detachable keyboard instead of a swiveling hinge (and all the talk about Google turning Chrome OS into an Android-like tablet platform is certainly something, but it’s also nothing new for those of us who have been paying attention).

As for the Home Hub? Well, it’s just Google’s own self-made and minimally different version of the Smart Displays announced earlier this year and already released by other manufacturers. And the Chromecast — well, to be honest, I don’t think anyone quite knows what makes this new model meaningfully different from the last, aside from some subtle visual tweaks that you’ll never see once the thing’s tucked behind your television.

These are all expected and necessary progressions, in other words — and products plenty of people will no doubt enjoy — but they aren’t truly transformational or awe-inspiring in any way. Only one device from this week’s event fits that bill, and it’s a device you’d be forgiven for forgetting.

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