Battlefield V is a first-person shooter set in World War II. The game features single-player campaign scenarios similar to Battlefield 1, alongside an expansive multiplayer mode. The title launched a few days ago on November 20, 2018. Battlefield V has no premium pass or paid expansions so players won’t be divided anymore.

On December 4, the game is getting an update called “Chapter 1: Overture.” The download brings a new map, an untold mini-campaign, and rich rewards as you progress through different challenges. The campaign, called “The Last Tiger,” lets you join the German crew of a Tiger I tank, operating a near-indestructible vehicle in a losing battle on the country’s borders.
According to EA, Chapter 1 also brings the “Panzerstorm” map to Battlefield V multiplayer. Players clash in steel vehicles of World War II on the Belgian countryside’s rolling hills. The chapter also adds a practice range and vehicle customization. Unlike Battlefield 1, it seems like the focus here is to merge all forms of gameplay — foot, vehicular, and aerial — into every map.

Battlefield V was supposed to launch earlier this year, but was delayed to November a few months ago. The beta test was quite rough around the edges, especially when it came to performance on Xbox One. Even the Xbox One X performance wasn’t that great. However, it seems like the full release has come a long way and even targets 4K 60 FPS on Microsoft’s new machine.

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