Are you the kind of person who wants to buy an Amazon Echo smart speaker but you can’t bring yourself to because the colors available bore you? Well if red is your jam you might want to check out the limited edition Product Red variant of the 2nd generation of the Echo. It might be just the same price as your regular smart speaker but at least you are also able to contribute to the fight against AIDS and other diseases. And you finally get to have that Alexa-powered device in your house in a cool color.

While the Echo is a must-have for anyone who thinks Alexa is the bee’s knees and who wants to have a smarter home, its monochromatic colors may have put off some of the more adventurous and colorful users. So this red version may appeal to the gray-hating market. You might get better deals elsewhere as there are better Black Friday deals on the Echo out there, but they don’t have this color variant.

Aside from the vibrant red, the specs are pretty much the same from the Charcoal, Gray, Oak, Sandstone, and Walnut colored Echo devices. The big draw, of course, is Alexa which plays music, makes calls, sets alarms, takes down reminders, reads the news to you, etc. The speaker in this second generation smart speaker has Dolby processing and 360-degree omnidirectional audio.

The Product Red edition is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be shipped by December 5. It’s priced at $99.99 but $10 of that will go to the Global Fund’s efforts to combat AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. So not only do you get a cool, red color but you also donate to a good cause. Product Red is a non-profit that engages various brands and their consumers towards contributing to several causes.

If you feel like waiting for a better deal, Amazon will be listing this variant along with the gray Echo speakers for just $69 by November 22 as part of the actual Black Friday sale.

VIA: Cnet