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Fuchsia : des vétérans au sein de Google veulent remplacer Android et Chrome OS
Bloomberg a pu obtenir de nouvelles informations sur le projet Fuchsia, et la confirmation qu’une équipe au sein de Google travaille bien à la fin d’Android. De la fondation d’Android Inc en 2003, en passant par son rachat par Google en 2005, le
Fuchsia pourrait remplacer Android à partir de 2025iGeneration

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Chime-in: Is the Surface Go too expensive?

Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface Go, which is a pint-sized PC aimed at the masses. But is it cheap enough?

Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface Go, a compelling compact portable PC built for the masses. Starting at just $400, Microsoft is hoping to make up for lost ground in the education market, which has seen cheap ChromeOS laptops and iPads become commonplace both in schools and at home.

The Surface Go compromises on its processing power and size to achieve its svelte price point, but does it go far enough? We’d like to hear your thoughts. …

Aukey’s mini Bluetooth speaker is down to its lowest price ever right now

Big sound from a small package.

Aukey is well-known for making great accessories for our gadgets, including charging gear and Bluetooth add-ons. This mini Bluetooth speaker is no exception, and right now you can pick one up for its lowest price ever, just $14.99. It normally sells for almost double this.

Don’t let the small package fool you, though. It has a 5W speaker inside and offers 10 hours of playback per charge. If you don’t want everyone connecting their phone to your speaker via Bluetooth you can opt to use the Aux connection or microSD card slot instead. It also has a built-in mic which allows you to not only listen to music on it but also take phone calls when needed.

This speaker is backed by a 45-day money back guarantee and a 24-month warranty from Aukey.

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BlackBerry « KEY2 Lite » : un smartphone abordable avec un clavier physique ? – Presse-citron


BlackBerry « KEY2 Lite » : un smartphone abordable avec un clavier physique ?
Après le Key2, TCL s’apprêterait à lancer le BlackBerry Key2 Lite, une version moins puissante mais aussi moins chère du smartphone Android au clavier physique. Même si BlackBerry n’est plus aussi populaire qu’il y a une décennie, on a encore quelques …
Prise en main du BlackBerry KEY2 : pour l’amour du clavier physiqueLesMobiles.com
BlackBerry Key2 Lite : une version moins chère du smartphone sortira en septembre 2018Phonandroid
BlackBerry Key2 Lite : un smartphone à clavier enfin abordable pour l’IFA ?Frandroid
01net.com –Tom’s Guide –BlogNT (Blog)
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How to use custom environments in Windows Mixed Reality

It’s in an experimental stage, but you can have some fun with environments other than Cliff House and Skyloft.

Within Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), Cliff House was the original environment in which everyone spawned when they donned a head-mounted display (HMD) and launched the WMR Portal. With the April 2018 Windows 10 Update, Skyloft was added to the mix, offering up a bit of variety for those who like to spend time using apps and arranging furniture before jumping into a game.

Also with the April 2018 Update came an experimental feature that allows you to add your own custom environments created with 3D modeling software. Let’s take a look at how to add your own creations to WMR as well as a few tips on the creation process.

Astuce : comment dissocier les modes Avion et Ne pas déranger entre l’Apple Watch et l’iPhone

Par défaut, l’activation du mode “Avion” ou de l’option “Ne pas déranger” sur l’Apple Watch est également appliquée sur l’iPhone auquel la montre est associée, un choix pratique pour la plupart des utilisateurs, mais qui peut aussi être facilement modi…