Mar 112014

A new report claims Google is opening their first retail establishment. The store is reportedly being opened in Manhattan, very close to Apple’s existing store. A nearby space offers nearly the same square footage, and several mysterious sources claim Google is interested.

Citing several “retail experts”, Crain’s is reporting that Google is opening up shop in the hippest section of SoHo. Sources tell them Google is close to signing a lease on the property at 131 Greene Street (pictured above, via Google Maps), which would be their first actual storefront in the country. Google engaged in pop-up shops over the holiday shopping season to let everyone go hands-on with their wares. It seems they may have a taste for retail, now.

The cobblestone street houses some top-end clientele, with the likes of Tiffany and Stella McCartney having storefronts there as well. Google may bring a different customer base altogether, but an actual Google store would bring customers. As for what the shop could look like — it’s anyone’s guess.

Between end-caps at Best Buy and popups around the country, Google’s retail legs are definitely finding their balance. A flagship store in a trendy neighborhood is a good start, but we hope it leads to more shops — should it happen. There has been nothing official from Google, and until we hear that, we’ll hold back on the enthusiasm. It would be a nice place to roll a Nexus smartwatch out to the public, though.

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Mar 112014

Apple dominates 64-bit mobile chip devices, as rival smartphone makers wait for a 64-bit version of the Android OS, but that early lead could dissipate in the next four years, ABI Research said on Tuesday.

The first 64-bit version of the Android OS is expected in the second half of the year. This will boost the adoption of 64-bit-compliant handsets and tablets, ABI said.

Image: iFixit

About 182 million 64-bit mobile processors will ship by the end of this year, though only 20 percent will go into Android devices, with Apple’s A7 chip in the iPhone 5s and iPad tablets retaining a dominant market share, ABI said.

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Mar 112014

Despite once offering a comment about how Flappy Bird is « gone forever » — the developer, Dong Nguyen, may be ready to consider otherwise. The statements from Nguyen certainly don’t suggest that Flappy Bird will return to the Play Store soon, however he did open the door for the possibility. In speaking with Rolling Stone, Nguyen mentioned how he is « considering it. »

Nguyen also made if clear that is Flappy Bird were to return, it would do so with a warning that reminds players to « please take a break. » As it seemed the addictive nature of the original Flappy Bird release was one of the reasons he pulled the game, we could see Nguyen working something in that forces players to take a break. Some sort of built-in game timer where you only get so many of minutes per hour.

This bit, along with quite a bit more of the story is all covered in detail. Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen spoke with David Kushner, of the previously mentioned Rolling Stone. Some of the story will likely sound a bit familiar to those who had been following closely, however there are plenty of gems still included. You learn a little bit about him, and also a little bit about why he decided to create this game.

Nguyen mentioned how he wanted to create a game for someone like himself — busy and always on the go. To that point, he said he pictured how people would be playing with one hand holding the device up in the air, and the other holding the strap on the train. Hence the easy one-handed game play that was found with Flappy Bird. He also made it clear he was only trying to make « something fun to share with other people » and that he « couldn’t predict the success. »

Office 2014 en préparation chez Microsoft

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Mar 112014

Si Microsoft ne s'est toujours pas avancé sur la date de sortie d'Office pour iPad, l'éditeur va bel et bien remettre au pot pour la version Mac. Thorsten Hübschen, patron du Business Group de la branche allemande de l'éditeur, a laissé fuiter qu'Office 2014 était effectivement en préparation et en démo auprès de quelques privilégiés. La confidence, donnée à Computerwoche à l'occasion du salon Cebit, s'accompagne d'assez peu de détails, si ce n'est que Microsoft discute actuellement très discrètement avec ses clients les plus importants au sujet de cette nouvelle version. Hübschen précise que l'éditeur dévoilera plus d'informations sur le sujet au deuxième trimestre. Le lancement de la suite bureautique aurait pu avoir lieu ce printemps, mais ce ne sera sans doute pas le cas. Le développement de cette nouvelle version a été contrariée par l'intégration de la Mac BU au sein de la branche Business Software de Microsoft en 2010 – l… Lire la suite sur MacGeneration

Twitter goes down for ‘most users’

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Mar 112014

Twitter said Tuesday that its service was down for most users, both on the desktop as well as most mobile apps.

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Mar 112014

Duolingo (free) has updated its app to version 3.3. The update offers more language classes for native speakers of a variety of languages — Romanian and Polish speakers now have access to an English course, while Portuguese speakers can now take a Spanish class, and vice-versa. Duolingo also lists bug fixes and performance improvements, in addition to a “few surprises” within the update. Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Unlimited…

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