Un iPhone à écran pliable en 2020 ?

En lançant l’iPhone X, Apple a démontré n’avoir aucune peur du changement, ni des designs clivants. L’encoche notamment a été décriée… avant d’être reprise par bon nombre de constructeurs concurrents ! Du coup, on peut très bien…

GoPro propose sa technologie à d’autres constructeurs

Les temps sont durs pour GoPro, qui n’a pas trouvé son salut sur le marché des drones, et qui rencontre de sérieuses difficultés sur son cœur de métier, la caméra tout-terrain. L’entreprise serait même en phase intensive de recherche de rep…

Google Home arrives in Italy, Ireland gets Google Wifi

As expected, Google has launched its Home and Home Mini devices in Italy. While the former is available for €149, the latter carries a price tag of €59. Orders will begin shipping March 26 (Monday) onwards.

Moving on, the Google WiFi is now ava…

Microsoft Store app picks up dedicated ‘Devices’ tab for new PCs and hardware

A new tab for buying Windows devices has appeared in the latest update for Microsoft Store.

It looks like Microsoft isn’t done updating the Store with a new layout in anticipation of the Redstone 4 update due in the coming weeks. Besides the recent addition of Edge Extensions, a new category called Devices has been added in the latest update – version 11802.1001.11.0 – which went out earlier today across all releases of Windows 10.

‘Devices’ as a tab is self-explanatory being a separate area where Microsoft can show off new Windows hardware including Surfaces, Harmon Kardon Invoke (for those in the U.S.), Xbox consoles, PCs from Dell, HP, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and accessories. It’s the same catalog that is all stocked online in the web version of the Microsoft Store.

Besides one-click buying of new hardware customers can also pre-order things like the new upcoming See of Thieves Xbox Pro Charging Stand. The process lets you pick a shipping and payment address…

What to expect from the Huawei P20 Series Smartphones

Next week, Huawei will be unveiling its next-gen premium flagship smartphone. The top Chinese OEM skipped the Mobile World Congress 2018 by not launching a new Huawei P. It did introduce the latest Huawei MediaPad M5 tablet and recently showed off a ca…

Twitter updates its Windows 10 UWP app to PWA with support for push notifications

Twitter has finally updated its Windows 10 app, converting it from an outdated, unsupported UWP app to a shiny, new PWA app!

The UWP Twitter app for Windows 10 had more or less been left for dead. It hadn’t been updated in forever, and was missing simple changes to the Twitter service such as the increase from 180 to 240 character tweets. Today, however, Twitter has finally updated its Windows 10 app, changing it from a UWP to PWA. This is good news.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA): What they are, and what they mean for Microsoft

The new Twitter app looks identical to the mobile Twitter PWA website you can find online, except now it’s wrapped in a window that makes the app feel native. It also supports push notifications, meaning you don’t have to have the app open to see any replies to tweets. It doesn’t appear to support live tiles just yet, however.

Because it’s the PWA version of Twitter, it has all the latest changes and enhancements you can find on the Twitter service, for bet…

The Tap: An iPad keyboard without the actual keyboard

I’m a bit of a fussy writer. Sometimes I even find the mere sight of my words dropping across the screen as I write discouraging and intimidating, so I’ll drop a sheet of paper on my MacBook screen to keep from seeing what I’m writing. I’m thus alwa…

3D printed enclosure for a Raspberry Pi and two hard drives

Just a quick one this evening. Here’s a nice 3D printed enclosure for the Raspberry Pi from Paul-Louis Ageneau. It features two bays for hard drives that slide in, together with USB adapters. USB cables then connect the drives up…Read more →

How to download your Facebook data

With all the news about Facebook recently, you might be wondering, what exactly does Facebook know about me from my profile? Sure, you can peruse your profile online, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. One way to see what Facebook has on you is …

Tidal now has Amazon Fire TV and Android Auto support

Yes guys, Tidal is still hear and fighting, providing an alternative music streaming service to those who don’t like Spotify or Pandora, etc. They prefer to call themselves a “global music and entertainment platform” and now they are expanding their re…

Expand your computer’s capabilities with a Sabrent USB Hub on sale from $11

Increase your efficiency with one of these helpful USB hubs.

Having a USB hub lets you easily add extra USB ports to any compatible device, and for a limited time you can save big on a selection of Sabrent USB hubs at Amazon when you enter promo code F6GVYQKT during checkout. Make sure the seller says Store4PC for the code to work properly.

If you need just a few ports, the 4-port USB hub is a great option that drops to just $10.55 with the code. It features individual power switches so you can choose which devices to power even while they’re plugged in and data speeds of up to 5Gbps. It comes with a power adapter and it’s very well-rated too.

Apps: App Diary: Somewhere: The Vault Papers

With the modern push toward high-end graphics and even augmented and virtual reality applications, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s often the storyline that really makes a game into an immersive experience. Such is t…

Apple proposes nine new accessibility emojis

Apple has proposed nine new emoji to the Unicode consortium for inclusion in the standard set of images. If accepted, they will appear Emoji 12.0, which is scheduled for release early in 2019. In itself, that’s not a big deal, but Apple’s focus here…

Honor View 10 finally becomes available in the US for $499

Honor’s latest flagship smartphone is finally available in the US. The Honor View 10 was initially expected to reach the country in early January, but that hasn’t happened for whatever reason. It went up for pre-order earlier this month, and today it’…

Spotify compterait 2 millions d’utilisateurs pirates

Alors que Spotify prépare son IPO pour le 3 avril prochain, la plateforme est quelque peu forcée de faire ses comptes et de révéler quelques chiffres. Aussi, si elle annonce 71 millions d’utilisateurs, ces résultats abritent quelques “irréductibles gau…

The Uber Crash

On this Gadget Lab podcast, Alex Davies and Aarian Marshall join us to discuss the latest news in self-driving car safety.

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Apple : un iPhone pliable en 2020 ?

Apple pourrait sortir un iPhone pliable en 2020, estime un analyste de la Bank of America. Il s’agirait du prochain changement de design majeur pour les iPhone et Apple travaille déjà avec…

How to share Xbox One gameplay clips on Instagram

Dealing with clips from your Xbox One isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Here’s how you can share them with your Instagram followers.

Instagram isn’t just for photos and hipster filters — it’s a huge social network and it’s a great way to show off your gaming achievements with the world in awesome video form.

The Xbox One makes it super simple to capture clips, but if you want to share them to Instagram there’s a little bit of work to be done. It’s not straightforward, but once you’ve got it down the process is relatively painless.

Review: iDevices Instant Switch

iDevices was one of the first HomeKit adopters we encountered, and unlike many companies that came on board later, pivoted into the home automation market as a result of HomeKit; prior to that, iDevices was best known for i…

WWDC : Apple contacte les premiers gagnants

Comme chaque année, vous êtes un certain nombre à avoir participé à la loterie de la WWDC, afin de participer à la conférence des développeurs iOS qui se déroulera en juin, au McEnery Convention Center (pour la modique somme de 1299 € hors frais de dép…

How to check your Mac’s free hard drive space

In today’s era of multi-terabyte hard drives, many of us don’t keep as close an eye on our disk usage as we used to. Still, even the largest drives fill up eventually. If you don’t know how to check your disk space use on OS X, here’s where to look….

Image sublime et IA à votre écoute, voici les nouveaux téléviseurs LG OLED – 01net.com

Image sublime et IA à votre écoute, voici les nouveaux téléviseurs LG OLED
LG dévoile de nouveaux téléviseurs OLED et nos premières impressions indiquent une montée en puissance des traitements vidéo. LG joue aussi la carte de l’intelligence artificielle grâce à ThinQ. LG vient d’annoncer ses nouveaux téléviseurs OLED série

et plus encore »

La boite à outils Cocktail High Sierra Edition passe en 11.5

L’utilitaire Cocktail permettant de nettoyer, d’optimiser ou de réparer facilement votre Mac passe aujourd’hui en version 11.5. Cette itération permet d’effacer les sauvegardes de périphériques iOS, l’effacement du cache a été amélioré ainsi que quelqu…

Report: Apple is working on a foldable iPhone for 2020

Remember #Bendgate? When buyers of the iPhone 6 Plus found that a thin aluminum phone can warp under stress? Well, if a Wall Street analyst is to be believed, Apple is working to produce an iPhone you’re supposed to bend.CNBC has reported that Apple…

Les ventes d’Apple Pencil doubleraient grâce au nouvel iPad

Alors que Bloomberg révélait la sortie d’un éventuel nouvel iPad d’entrée de gamme la semaine prochaine (à 259 dollars), KGI Securities n’en est pas en reste. En effet, Ming-Chi Kuo pense que ce dernier sera compatible avec l’Apple Pencill et que la no…

2 millions de personnes utilisent une version piratée de Spotify – 01net.com

2 millions de personnes utilisent une version piratée de Spotify
Depuis le début du mois, Spotify tente de faire fermer les applications qui débloquent ses fonctions premium gratuitement. Fin 2017, 157 millions d’utilisateurs utilisaient Spotify chaque mois. Un chiffre énorme porté par les 86 millions d’utilisateurs
Spotify compterait 2 millions d’utilisateurs piratesMac4ever
Spotify révèle que 2 millions d’utilisateurs utilisent le service illégalementiPhonote
Spotify : 2 millions d’utilisateurs passent par des versions piratées pour supprimer la publicitéKultureGeek
Agence Ecofin
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Metro Exodus et le Nvidia RTX, 1er vidéo avec ce Ray Tracing en temps réel

4A Games se positionne dès à présent sur l’utilisation de la nouvelle technologie RTX de Nvidia. Son prochain titre Metro Exodus va supporter différentes techniques de ray tracing afin d’offrir un rendu de nouvelle génération. Une première vidéo débarque. Nvidia compte bien apporter avec sa technologie RTX du Ray Tracing en temps réel dans les …

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You’ll be able to win an actual chicken dinner watching PUBG this weekend

KFC has teamed up with PUBG Corp. to offer actual chicken dinners.

Have you ever felt a little disappointed after winning a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds match, being told you’ve won a chicken dinner only to work out you’re unable to physically enjoy it? Well, KFC heard the jokes and calls for the company to bring its chicken to PUBG and has answered the call. As covered by Bleeding Cool, by tuning into select streams this weekend (March 24 – 25), you’ll be in with a chance of scoring some gift cards and even a chance at bagging some unique loot.

Why it’s time for PC makers to embrace 3:2 displays

If PC companies don’t start adopting Surface-like display ratios, consumers might start passing on their products.

One of the benefits of my job is that I get to handle a lot of laptops and PCs. Besides distilling the pros and cons of each, it affords me a bird’s eye view of the entire industry – trends, problems, and what needs fixing. I’ve been bullish on the increased quality of PCs – especially from Dell and HP – with innovative designs, but there is still one area that bugs me: display aspect ratio.

Microsoft started the 3:2 aspect ratio trend with the Surface Pro 3, but few companies have revamped their PC lineup and followed Microsoft’s lead. That’s a shame, as I find 3:2 much more useful in 2018 in a web-focused world.

Display aspect ratios widely vary

The Acer Predator 21 X features a very wide 21:9 display aspect.

Despite most laptops sporting a cinema-friendly 16:9 ratio, the industry has bounced between 4:3 in older desktop monitors to 16:10 in some…

Unreal Engine 4 et le Raytracing en temps réel de Nvidia, Ça donne ça, bluffant !

L’annonce de l’API DirectX Raytracing lors de GDC ( Game Developers Conference) continue de faire du bruit. Epic Games en partenariat avec Nvidia et ILMxLAB ont publié l’une des toutes premières démo de cette technologie. Elle permet de découvrir les possibilités de ce technologie en temps réel au travers du moteur Unreal Engine. Avons-nous ici …

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Galaxy J7 Prime 2 listed on Samsung India’s website ahead of launch

Samsung has quietly listed the Galaxy J7 Prime 2 on its Indian website. From the specifications listed on the product page, the new device appears to be a minor upgrade to the Galaxy J7 Prime. Galaxy J7 Prime 2 sports a metal unibody with capacitive buttons and a fingerprint reader on the front. It has […]

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My essential laptop accessories for everyday use

I’ve been using the LG gram 15Z980 as my primary laptop for a couple months; these are the accessories I use the most.

As far as thin, light laptops go, LG’s refreshed lineup of gram laptops — available in 13-, 14-, and 15-inch configurations — is near the top of the list. The largest version, the 15Z980, has stellar battery life, a beautiful display, and the hardware inside needed to tackle a day’s work. To complement the laptop, I use a number of accessories on a near-daily basis, which I’ve rounded up here. Though I use them with my gram, they’re also great accessories for just about any laptop.

LG gram 15Z980 review: Living up to the name

LG K9 debuts, is just a rebranded K8 (2018) for Russia

Earlier this month LG showed the K8 (2018) at the MWC in Barcelona and now, it’s launching it in Russia under the name LG K9.

Outside of the name nothing appears to have changed. The LG K9 has a 5-inch IPS LCD of the conventional 16:9 aspect and 72…

Review: Sonarworks True-Fi DSP Reference Headphone App

Choosing a headphone can be overwhelming. There are innumerable shapes, sizes, and sound signatures, at prices ranging from pocket change to a small fortune — how can we know what headphones are truly “good?” Reviewers (us …

This Tacklife USB rechargeable electric arc lighter is only $10

A safe and easy way to light things on fire.

This Tacklife USB-rechargeable electric arc lighter is down to $10.12 with code TEKPK6SU on Amazon. In January this lighter was selling as high as $19. It has since dropped down to around the $13 price, but this code brings it down to an even more fantastic low price.

This arc lighter is very similar to a model we’ve shared many deals on before, except this one has an extended neck. The flexible section can rotate as well, so you can fit it in the weird and awkward spots you might need to light something, like the stove or grill or a candle where you can’t quite reach the wick. It has a 220mAh built-in battery that can be recharged via USB more than 200 times and gets you more than 400 lights per charge. The lighter automatically shuts off after 10 seconds and has no spark, no smell, and never needs gas. Tacklife backs it up with a two-year warranty.

See on Amazon

Mushkin Source series, la promesse d’un SSD performant sans se ruiner

Mushkin annonce une nouvelle gamme de SSD, les Mushkin Source series. Le constructeur insiste fortement sur l’aspect prix/performance. La gamme se compose de plusieurs capacités et nous avons droit à plusieurs formats. Détails. Sur le segment des SSD pour PC, le Mushkin Source se positionne sur l’offre « mainstream ». Il ne vise pas l’excellence et une …

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NuHeat thermostat replaced by Raspberry Pi with touchscreen

Nuheat HOME thermostats cost around $200 a shot. Although very nice, they suffer from being destroyed by electricity spikes. Faced with needing yet another replacement, hacker Sergey has turned to the Raspberry Pi to provide a better, more cost-effecti…

Best Managed Switches of 2018

Managed switches offer more control over a network and connected devices. Here are a few examples of quality options.

Managed switches are networking hubs that allow you to hook up a number of devices to a network and manipulate how traffic is controlled. Think of a managed switch (in comparison to an unmanaged switch) as a virtual private server (VPS) that offers you much more than shared web hosting but requires you to get a little dirty in the backend to get everything working.

We rounded up a few great examples of managed switches.

[J-7] JDGBox d’avril : Star Wars et retrogaming au programme !

La JDGBox est faite pour tous les geeks petits et grands ! Pour rappel, cette box vous permet de recevoir chez vous, tous les deux mois pour 25,99 euros (+ frais de port) une sélection d’objets de qualité en rapport avec l’actualité du moment, choisis …

Linux détrône Windows chez les développeurs

Stack Overflow l’une des plus importantes communautés en ligne de développeurs publie les résultats de son dernier sondage annuel. Linux détrône de sa place de numéro 1 Windows. L’enquête est le fruit d’un sondage auprès de plus de 100 000 développeurs. De nombreux thèmes ont été abordés allant de l’intelligence artificielle à l’éthique. Les résultats …

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Pay What You Want for 37 Hours of iOS Dev Training

It’s no secret that developing iOS apps can be a lucrative source of income for aspiring developers, but learning the coding tools of the trade usually involves going to a pricey bootcamp or sinking years in a formal university. However, the Web is …

Chime in: What’s your favorite battle royale game on PC right now?

Fortnite is attempting to take down PUBG for the title of best battle royale title, but there are also other games on the horizon. Which is your favorite?

Battle royale games are more popular than ever, taking the gaming world by storm. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was a huge success at launch (and even prior to that in Steam Early Access) and now competitor titles are out in the wild, including Fortnite’s battle royale mode. There are also more choices available to get your survival, last-man-standing fix, and we’re intrigued to learn which is your favorite.

Windows Defender, c’est un antivirus « fantastique »…selon Microsoft

Windows Defender est l’antivirus « maison » de Microsoft. Suite à la publication de tests indépendants montrant que l’application a améliorée ses performances le géant prend la parole. Il en profite pour dévoiler quelques chiffres intéressants. Dans un article consacré à Windows Defender, Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Mobility and Security, explique que pas moins de …

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TV, music, movies, and books we’re into this week

Can’t decide what to do this weekend? Read on for some great media recommendations.

The weekend (for a lot of us) begins later today, and there’s no doubt we could use some time to ourselves. What better way to relax than with some great tunes, a quality movie, or a real page turner? Team Windows Central has a bunch of great recommendations just for you!

Comment activer le mode nuit (filtre bleu) sur Android

Le mode nuit (ou filtre bleue, ou protection des yeux) est un mode qui permet de réduire la fatigue oculaire car il permet de neutraliser une partie de la lumière bleue.(Ceci est un teaser – cliquez ici pour lire l’article en entier)

News: Apple Store app gains new ‘Sessions’ section

Apple has released a significant update to its Apple Store app, promising users “a more personal, relevant in-store experience” with recommendations for products and in-store training sessions. The highlight of the update is a ne…

Sharp Aquos S3 will be announced on March 28

Sharp will unveil its Aquos S3 on March 28 in Vietnam. The date and venue were confirmed by Sharp Mobile’s CEO.

This is the 6-inch S3, which would be announced a week after its smaller counterpart, the 5.5-inch Sharp Aquos S3 mini debuted.