Petite vente flash sur trois modèles d’iPad de 2018 – Consomac


Petite vente flash sur trois modèles d’iPad de 2018
Trois modèles d’iPad 9,7″ de 2018 bénéficient d’une petite vente flash cette semaine chez Rue du Commerce. Il s’agit du modèle 32 Go Wi-Fi argenté à 329,99 € au lieu de 359 € sur l’Apple Store, du modèle 32 Go Wi-Fi doré à 329,99 € au lieu de 359 € sur …

Light up your home with two new collections from Philips Hue

The perfect lights.

Philips announced the new Signe and Play collections, which add indirect lighting to your entertainment space. The Signe Collection will feature a table light around 24 inches tall and a floor light around 59 inches tall. Both are designed to be pointed at a wall to give off indirect, ambient light that reaches up to the ceiling. They will have the full range of Philips’ White and Color Ambiance, similar to current starter kits, so you can choose between one of 16 million colors. The lights are only capable of one color at a time, but with multiple devices you can mix and match.

The Play Collection features a nine-inch bar that lays horizontally or vertically and creates light in a very similar way to Signe. These bars come with a base kit that you can plug the Play into, which helps reduce the electrical outlets you need according to Philips Hue….

Fitbit announces Charge 3 fitness tracker, coming this October for $150

Pre-orders for the new tracker are live starting today.

Fitbit’s been hitting the smartwatch market pretty hard over the past few months with its Ionic and Versa, and following those two wearables, the company’s now going back to revive one of its most popular fitness tracker series with the all-new Fitbit Charge 3.

The Charge 3 is an evolution of the Charge 2 that came out before it, and while it has the same general form factor as its predecessor, Fitbit spent a lot of time making sure that the Charge 3 is a more comfortable and stylish tracker. Aerospace aluminum was used for the Charge 3’s case while Corning Gorilla Glass 3 covers its display, and speaking of that display, the one on the Charge 3 is a gray-scale OLED panel that’s 40% brighter and sharper than the screen on the Charge 2.

There’s also a lot more you can do on the display. The dashboard from the Ionic and Versa is now on the Charge 3, too, allowing you to quickly see your steps, calories-burned, most recent exerc…

Nova 3 : Huawei a encore tenté de faire passer des photos au reflex numérique pour des selfies de son téléphone – Le Journal du Geek

Le Journal du Geek

Nova 3 : Huawei a encore tenté de faire passer des photos au reflex numérique pour des selfies de son téléphone
Le Journal du Geek
Pour vendre leurs smartphones, les constructeurs n’hésitent pas à survendre certaines de leur qualité, surtout en photo. Mais parfois, ça ne passe pas. Huawei n’est pas le champion de l’honnêteté en ce qui concerne la publicité. Déjà épinglé une fois
Huawei triche et fait passer une photo d’un reflex pour un selfie du Nova 3iFrandroid

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Consider the AOC 24V2Q if you hate bezels and enjoy stunning views

Affordability doesn’t have to look cheap.

AOC announced a few new monitors in the V2Q range, which feature seriously thin bezels and a premium design priced to compete with more affordable monitors. We’ve got the 24-inch model in to see if this new family of panels are worth the low price. Priced at just over £100, it’s on the low end of the monitor price spectrum. If you want features like synchronization technologies and more, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If you’re after a bargain and want a thin monitor that does everything it needs to do just fine, read on.

Chine : sous pression, Apple retire 25.000 applications de paris – Europe1


Chine : sous pression, Apple retire 25.000 applications de paris
“Les applications de paris sont illégales et ne sont pas autorisées sur l’App Store en Chine. Nous avons déjà retiré de nombreuses applications”, a confirmé la firme américaine. L’américain Apple a confirmé lundi avoir retiré des applications
Chine: Apple retire 25.000 applications de parisLe Figaro
Apple retire 25 000 apps de jeux d’argent en Chine, jugées « illégales et interdites »Mac4ever
En Chine, vague de suppressions d’applications de jeux d’argent sur l’App Store d’AppleLe Monde
Les Échos –iPhonote –Yahoo Actualités –iGeneration
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Chime in: What do you think of Windows 10’s (sad) tablet mode?

Windows 10’s tablet mode is pretty bad. We want to hear about your experiences!

Windows 10’s tablet mode was okay when it first launched, but a lot has changed in the tablet space since then, and tablet mode hasn’t, which means it’s fallen really far behind when it comes to other tablet OS experiences.

Compared to say, the iPad’s tablet OS experience, Windows 10’s tablet mode is a sorry state of affairs in 2018. Bare of any real animations, fluidity or niceties, it’s there to get the job done on tablet mode, which is unacceptable really. Sure, it works, but the experience is horrible.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this too, plenty of the recent Surface Go reviews note tablet mode has being one of the weaker parts of that device, and that’s because it is. The Surface Go is a great bit of hardware, but its the OS experience that makes everything feel unfinished….

Le battle royale de Dying Light, Bad Blood, arrive en septembre – NoFrag


Le battle royale de Dying Light, Bad Blood, arrive en septembre
La version BR intitulée Bad Blood du succès de Techland, Dying Light, arrive en accès anticipé sur Steam début septembre. Bien que le titre se présente comme un battle royale, c’est une version plus intimiste que propose Techland, avec seulement 12 …
Dying Light : Bad Blood – un accès anticipé en septembre pour le
Dying Light Bad Blood : le Battle Royale en accès anticipé en septembreIGN France

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Unabling PUA protection feature on Windows Defender Antivirus

You can now detect and block harmful third-party apps using Windows Defender Antivirus, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to do it on Windows 10.

Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender Antivirus to protect your device and files against viruses, spyware, rootkits, ransomware, and many other types of malware.

Although the antivirus has been proven to be a very reliable security shield, you can now also enable the Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) protection feature, which allows Windows Defender Antivirus to detect and block certain unwanted apps that are not categorized as threats, but they can increase the chances of your device being infected with dangerous malware or affect performance.

Usually, these are apps that have low reputation, such as apps that bundle additional software or inject unsolicited advertisements into the web browser, and apps that promise to detect and optimize your device, but most of the time they turn out to be scams.

PS5 : une date de sortie dès fin 2019 ? – Phonandroid

PS5 : une date de sortie dès fin 2019 ?
La PS5 pourrait sortir dès la fin de l’année 2019, avance un analyste japonais du cabinet Ace Securities. Selon ses prévisions, Sony va lancer sa prochaine génération de console avant Microsoft malgré la bonne santé de la PS4. Seul obstacle potentiel
PS5 : Un analyste japonais pense qu’elle pourrait sortir plus tôt qu’estimé
Ps5 : Une sortie fin 2019 selon Ace (Blog)
Un analyste japonais annonce la PS5 pour fin 2019Gamereactor France

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Requins, voyage dans le temps, dinosaures… la bande-annonce du dernier Sharknado vient de sortir

Après la destruction de la Terre à la fin de Sharknado 5, c’est le voyage dans le temps que l’on retrouvera dans le dernier volet de la saga, The Last Sharknado : It’s about Time. Syfy vient d’en dévoiler la…