Samsung SM-J260G could be company’s first Android Go phone

A new Samsung smartphone has been spotted in a benchmark listing. Listed on Geekbench as SM-J260G, it’s an entry-level smartphone that could be well be the South Korean company’s first Android Go attempt.

As you can see, this is a low-end hands…

Samsung se plaint à son tour des mauvaises ventes de l’iPhone X

Il ne manquait plus que lui ! Samsung vient d’annoncer que ses ventes d’écrans OLED “flexibles” utilisés dans l’iPhone X avaient enregistré une croissance décevante : le chiffres de la division ad-hoc ont augmenté de 3,4% au dernier trimestre, contre 2…

Gmail app also now has an Inbox-like snooze button

Yesterday’s big news was the major overhaul of the Gmail app, bringing a lot of new features that a lot of users were looking for. Some of these were actually available on Inbox as well, but if you still prefer the actual Gmail app, then you’re probabl…

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Elite d’EVGA, des variantes verte et bleue débarquent

EVGA vient de mettre à jour sa GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Elite avec deux nouvelles déclinaisons. Le changement touche à la couleur du carénage. Cette GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Elite est désormais disponible en vert sous la référence 11G-P4-6693-K4 ou en bleu 11G-P4-6693-K3. Ces nouvelles robes concernent la structure en aluminium formant le …

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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) starts getting Oreo update

Yet another Samsung smartphone has started getting the Oreo update. The device in question is the Galaxy A7 (2017), and the update – which weighs in at around 1.3GB – is currently hitting units in Vietnam.

As clear from the screenshots above, t…

Microsoft sued by patent troll over graphics technology

Patent trolls are on the loose again.

Patent trolls are common in the technology industry and it seems like “Terminal Reality and Infernal Technologies” is targeting Microsoft this time. You might remember the name from a complaint involving EA from 2015. While that case was settled around October 2017, it seems like the company has a new target. Developer Terminal Reality closed in 2013, and since then it seems like its affiliate Infernal Technologies has been suing game developers.

Is Conan Exiles on Xbox One worth revisiting for the new content? Let’s take a look.

Here’s why Conan Exiles deserves your attention again.

Conan Exiles is an online survival game either played from the first-person or third-person perspective. While the title features numerous characters and mysteries to uncover, it still revolves around gathering resources, learning new schematics, and crafting better gear or shelter. Starting off with nothing more than a stone house, you’ll eventually be able to build entire cities with dangerous siege weaponry. This progression — from a lowly exile to the most powerful being — is what makes Conan Exiles so rewarding to experience.

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De quoi ont bien pu parler Tim Cook et Donald Trump ?

De l’iPhone ? Probablement… Si le contenu de la réunion demeure un mystère pour l’instant, selon Reuters, un responsable de la Maison Blanche a précisé que l’entretien -qui était en préparation de plusieurs semaines- s’était bien déroulé. On sait don…

Le casque VR Pimax 8K retardé à cause des lentilles

C’est en octobre dernier que la société chinoise réalisait un tour de force en bouclant sa campagne de financement participatif avec plus de 4 millions de dollars récoltés. Un record dans le domaine de la réalité virtuelle, explosant celui détenu…

Windows 10 Lean vise les périphériques en manque d’espace de stockage

Une mystérieux version « Lean » de Windows 10 a fait son apparition dans la dernière construction de Windows 10 Redstone 5. Les premières informations évoquent un système fortement allégé par rapport à la version classique de Windows 10. Windows 10 « Lean » est susceptible de débuter sa vie commerciale lors du lancement de Redstone 5, prévu normalement …

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Google releases new standalone app for Google Tasks

Alongside a revamped Gmail, Google also launched a new standalone app for Google Tasks, a web service that was previously only accessible through Gmail and Google Calendar. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Google Tasks is a task man…

Apple bloque une nouvelle variante d’OSX/Snake

Découvert il y a un an sous l’appellation “OSX/Snake”, ce troyen est depuis revenu sous différentes formes sur macOS, après une longue carrière sous Windows. Apple a mis à jour son outil intégré au système pour détecter les variantes “OSX.4e36ae6 “et “…

Why Halo: The Master Chief Collection needs to come to PC

Here’s why the PC crowd deserves to experience The Master Chief Collection.

Offering four Halo games (including a remaster of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2), The Master Chief Collection was expected to be a massive success when it launched for Xbox in 2014. However, due to the mountain of performance problems with the title, gamers grew to resent the Collection. Halo developer 343 Industries attempted many fixes, but for every problem solved, two more seemingly arose. With Halo 5: Guardians on the horizon, 343 eventually shifted its focus to that game. Ever since, the Master Chief Collection has remained broken.

However, hope was restored last year when 343 announced it was going to fix the game in 2018. With a testing program currently under way, things are looking up. As the game inches closer to stability, though, many are wondering if PC players will ever be able to play the game. Here’s why I think they should.

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Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition bundles make this smart purchase even more affordable

All of these devices are better bundled together.

Amazon just announced an all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition, and the company has already launched some bundles which help make it even more affordable. Simply pairing the new Echo Dot Kids Edition with a Fire Tablet can save you up to $50 versus buying them separately. The Echo Dot Kids Edition is still only available as a pre-order, but it’s scheduled to begin shipping on May 9.

The first bundle is two Echo Dot Kids Edition for $129.98, a savings of $30. Combining the Echo Dot Kids Edition with a 7-inch Fire Tablet Kids Edition saves you $40, and drops the price down to just $140. The bundle with a Fire Tablet HD 8 and Echo Dot Kids Edition is $20 more at $160. That’s a $50 savings. All of the bundles are available in a variety of different color combinations, so be sure to look for the one that your kids will like the most….

Review: Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

When Apple debuted its 2017 iPhone lineup with wireless charging capabilities last fall, Mophie was ready right out the gate, with its Wireless Charging Base actually getting featured on stage by Apple as one of two new Qi-…

How to upgrade your PC’s graphics card (GPU)

Upgrading your graphics card (GPU) is mostly a simple process, but there’s still a process to follow.

It’s an exciting time getting a new graphics card for your PC. Whether you’ve been hanging on to the same one for years, or you’re a fan of the bleeding edge, it’s something that always brings new life to your gaming.

Getting a newer, more powerful graphics card means better performance in the latest games, and in some cases, it increases the resolution you can play at. Once you’ve got your new card, making the switch is fairly straightforward but there are some things you need to make sure you do.

Nokia 6 (2018) review

The new Nokia 6 (2018), also known as Nokia 6.1, trims the bezels around the same 5.5″ screen and employs a modern and powerful Snapdragon 630 chip. The main camera benefits from a new Zeiss lens and it can now do 4K videos.

News: Lexus 2019 ES to add CarPlay support

Lexus has announced that it will be bringing Apple CarPlay to its 2019 ES sedan, one of the last upscale car brands to gain support for Apple’s in-car platform. Notably, the new Lexus model won’t be getting support for Android Au…

Today’s best deals you won’t want to miss

Whether you’re looking for new tech gear or household items, we’ve got you covered.

Today you can get big discounts on the Amazon Echo Dot kids edition, LG and Asus monitors, the Instant Pot Duo Mini, and more! Don’t pass these up.

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Make your animations with Animatron Studio Pro—now 95% off

You don’t need to be a coding guru to create your own digital animations. Animatron Studio Pro is giving users the means to make mobile-friendly, entertaining animations, regardless of their experience levels, in an intuitive browser environment. Li…

Best Laptops with an Optical Drive in 2018

Best overall
Runner up
Great value
Best for keen gamers

The best


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Not only is the ASUS GL553 one of the finest entry-level gaming laptops you can buy, it also has an optical drive without being overly thick and heavy. The 15.6-inch 1080p display looks fantastic and it comes with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, 16GB or 32GB of RAM and a mixture of SSD and HDD storage as standard.

Throw in ports galore (including USB-C), dedicated graphics from NVIDIA, and an easy-access upgrade bay to add more RAM and storage, and the GL553 is a bona fide winner. It’s also one of the most subtly designed gaming laptops around, so you could take it to work and not feel silly. You’ll be looking at starting prices around $1,000.

Bottom line: Subtle styling, powerful internals, and an attractive price complement the optical drive here perfectly.

One more thing: ASUS laptops are very upgrade-friendly so you can always improve your RAM and storage down the line….

iOS 11 installé chez 76% d’utilisateurs (peut mieux faire)

On pourrait dire que les utilisateurs ne sont pas si séduits que cela par le dernier système, si on regarde les derniers taux d’adoption d’iOS publiés par Apple. Ainsi, 76% des utilisateurs tournent sous iOS 11, 19% ont préféré garder iOS 10 et 5% se p…

Walmart is selling the Apple Watch Series 1 for $100 off

I know some of you have long justified not buying an Apple Watch out of a belief that the price is too high, but today Walmart has made it difficult to continue making that excuse. Right now the well-known retailer is selling the 38mm Apple Watch Se…

Sonic Mania Plus to speed past the goal plate in July

You’ll soon be able to play as two new characters.

Sega will be bringing even more Sonic the Hedgehog to PC and consoles with a special release for Sonic Mania, arguably the best game released with the blue hedgehog in recent years. Those who have played through the game a number of times already will be able to play once again as Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. There are also a number of cool new features in tow.

Microsoft’s ‘intelligent edge,’ and how it impacts the world

Microsoft’s recent reorganization emphasizes the company’s focus on the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.

Cloud computing has moved from “the idealistic next step in computing” advocated by tech companies, to the pragmatic beginning of an intelligent infrastructure with real-world impact and a clear path for growth. Edge computing is arguably the natural evolution of remote computing in the intelligent cloud and local computing on Internet of Things (IoT) devices and consumer electronics.

Many have argued that Microsoft’s cloud investments are too far removed from users to have meaningful impact and that edge computing is little more than technical lingo. Those people are wrong. Microsoft’s cloud computing investments have real-world impact, and its complementary edge computing strategy is doing the same.

What Microsoft’s cloud focus means to you…

Cortana Device Setup rolling out support for GLAS thermostat

Support for Johnson Controls’ Cortana-powered GLAS thermostat is now rolling out to the Cortana Device Setup app.

Though the Cortana-powered GLAS thermostat from Johnson Controls isn’t even available yet, the Cortana Device Setup app appears to be adding support for the device. …

News: Google releases ‘Google Tasks’ for iOS

Google has released Google Tasks, the company’s first standalone app for natively managing tasks on an iPhone. The new app is part of a major redesign of Gmail that began rolling out today, and although the new app appears to be …

Google veut concurrencer Microsoft avec son nouveau Gmail

Comme annoncé la semaine dernière (ici, là et encore là), Google a dévoilé aujourd’hui sa refonte la plus importante de Gmail depuis 2013. Mais cette nouvelle version n’est pas neutre et entend véritablement concurrencer Outlook (Microsoft) avec des no…

Microsoft gaming head Phil Spencer hints at classic Halo on PC

ElDewrito needs to be blocked, but that’s not the end for Halo on PC.

Yesterday, 343 Industries let gamers know that it initiated legal action to protect the Halo intellectual property in the wake of the recent “ElDewrito” PC release. The ElDewrito mod uses Halo Online assets which were never meant to become public as it was a Russia-only project. Due to this, it became necessary to take the game down.

Beyond : Two Souls et Rayman Legends partagent l’affiche des jeux gratuits PS+ de mai – Gamekult


Beyond : Two Souls et Rayman Legends partagent l’affiche des jeux gratuits PS+ de mai
Qui dit fin de mois, dit nouveaux jeux offerts aux abonnés PlayStation Plus. Cette fois-ci il y en aura pour tous les goûts avec en tête de gondole du cinéma semi-interactif et de la plate-forme acidulée. Histoire de préparer en douceur l’arrivée de
PlayStation Plus : Les jeux “gratuits” de mai 2018 annoncés, avec Beyond Two
Le PlayStation Plus de mai 2018 est connuJeuxVideo-Live
PlayStation Plus : La liste des jeux de mai 2018 dévoilé
GAMERGEN.COM – (Blog) –JeuxCapt – (Communiqué de presse)
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Kryptonite bike locks are on sale, with prices starting at $19

Amazon is offering some savings on Kryptonite bike locks. Prices start at $19, and 14 different product are on sale. Whether you need some light security or a more heavy-duty lock, definitely make sure to check these deals out before the prices jump back up.

One option, the Kryptonite KryptoLock Series 2 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock, is down to just $23.96. That’s the best price ever – it normally goes for $30. Users gave it great feedback, too.

A smaller choice, the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini-7 Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock, is only $21.69. That’s about $5 off the average price and brings this down to a whole new low….

Hands-on with Windows Mixed Reality’s new ‘Skyloft’ environment (video)

Windows Mixed Reality receives a few notable updates in the upcoming ‘April 2018 update.’ Let’s take a closer look.

Coming in the Windows 10 ‘April 2018 update’ for Windows 10 are a couple of new improvements and changes for users of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). The biggest new change is the inclusion of an environment called “Skyloft” that now exists alongside Cliff House.

The update adds a new dedicated “Places” button in the Start menu that lists all the environments you have installed on your device. So far, there are only two, being Cliff House and Skyloft, but this new Places’area may house more locations in the future.

The new Skyloft environment is rather different from the old Cliff House, and is far more open complex with big rooms and lots of space to mess around in. There’s also lots more virtual furniture, which can be customized or removed at will.

Other changes to WMR involve how users manipulate windows and objects. You can now more easily manipulate them with t…

Les GeForce 397.31 WHQL débarquent, quoi de neuf ?

Nvidia vient de mettre en ligne de nouveaux pilotes graphiques, les GeForce 397.31 WHQL. Ils apportent beaucoup de choses et marquent une nouvelle époque. Le 32-bit est désormais abandonné.   Les GeForce 397.31 sont disponibles en téléchargement. Certifiés WHQL, ces drivers proposent du Game Ready pour les titres BattleTech et FrostPunk. Ils marquent aussi des …

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Samsung reportedly shipped 8 million Galaxy S9/S9+ units in the first month

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are minor upgrades over their predecessors. The new Galaxy flagship smartphones retain the same design language of last year’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ while introducing many incremental changes on the inside. Even with the improved cameras, stereo speakers, AR Emojis, etc., the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are not very […]

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Twitter fait enfin du chiffre : 665 millions de CA (+21%)

Pour la première fois depuis bien longtemps, Twitter a fait un très bon trimestre, supérieur aux attentes du consensus. Il affiche, en effet, un chiffre d’affaires au premier trimestre de 664,9 millions de dollars (au lieu des 607,6 millions prévus), s…

Samsung’s Bixby Speaker might be able to detect whether you’re in the room

Imagine a computerized voice greeting you every time you walk into your room, asking you if you’d like to listen to some music, and then playing a song that’s suitable for the “surrounding environment and mood” and also changing the lights in the room to match that mood. Sounds creepy, right? Well, for Samsung, that […]

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Un “nouvel iPhone X” et un “iPhone” (tout court) en 2018 ?

Apple déteste les numérotations, c’est bien connu. Elle préfère dater la plupart de ses produits (Mac Pro fin 2013, iMac mi-2017…) mais ce n’est pas toujours une très bonne idée. Par exemple, les iPad 3 et 4 avaient été appelés successivement “Nouvel…

Best Language Learning Software of 2018

Master the words and phrases of a new language with only the best learning software available for Windows 10.

Traveling to a new country on vacation may result in you falling madly in love with the environment, weather, and culture. While English remains the international language and most tourist spots will not leave you requiring a translator, being able to speak the language of the locals — especially in a nation you visit frequently — makes everything more enjoyable. Thankfully, with modern PCs and the internet, it’s really easy to get started. All you need to do is choose a learning software that supports the language you want and your available budget.

Here are some of the best language software suites available.

Puma partners with Fossil to build smartwatches

Puma has dabbled in phones, but that didn’t last long. Now the company wants to push into the smartwatch market and has signed a 10-year deal with Fossil, which will build and distribute Puma-branded wearables. The first watches will be available in l…

Samsung va bientôt présenter le A6, petit frère du S9

Samsung devrait dévoiler sous peu ses nouveaux A6, des téléphones qui ont tout pour séduire, puisqu’ils reprennent certains arguments du haut de gamme et les prix compétitifs de l’entrée de gamme. Un excellent rapport qualité/prix dont de nombreux cons…

Best Standing Room Only Games for HTC Vive in 2018

Less room doesn’t mean less fun.

Using your HTC Vive in a large, empty room is definitely something you have to experience, but not everyone has the space to game like this all the time. Luckily, there are a bunch of games that were designed specifically for standing-room gaming. Here’s a list of the best games that you can comfortably stand in place and play without worrying about missing out on a room-scale experience.

Samsung launches exclusive episodic shows for the Gear VR

Samsung has announced the launch of a new initiative this week called Pilot Season through which it’s bringing exclusive episodic content to the Gear VR platform. The initiative is going to feed new exclusive original episodic virtual reality content into the Samsung VR Video service. This new program is part of Samsung’s efforts to bring […]

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Today only, these Black + Decker compact hand vacuums are down to just $20

Today only, Amazon is offering these Black+Decker Compact Lithium Hand Vacuums for only $19.98 apiece. There are several different colors to choose from, and this price is a historic low for almost all of the options. The average price for these is right around $35, with a little wiggle room for some of the less popular colors (like this awesome teal option.)

Almost 1,000 users gave these vacuums a collective 3.9 out of 5 star rating. The vacuum promises to be lightweight while remaining powerful. They’re also easy to charge and easy to clean. The dirt bowl is clear, so you can see when it’s time to dump it, and there are no bags necessary. You’ll get the vacuum, a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, a wall-mount charger, and a base….

Xbox One : Microsoft commence le déploiement de la mise à jour d’avril –

Xbox One : Microsoft commence le déploiement de la mise à jour d’avril
Orientée vidéo, streaming, ou encore audio, la nouvelle mise à jour de la Xbox One est en cours de déploiement auprès des joueurs. Alors que la mise à jour majeure d’avril de Windows 10 se fait toujours attendre suite à un bug de dernière minute, celle
Xbox One 1804 : la mise à jour d’avril est disponible avec plusieurs nouveautésCNET France
Xbox Live : bientôt une mise à jour pour associer son compte DiscordGAMERGEN.COM
Xbox One : mise à jour majeure 1804, le 120 Hz en maiNext INpact
Xboxygen –BlogNT (Blog)
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The new Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition has parental controls and a worry-free guarantee

Don’t let your kids accidentally order pizza anymore.

The other day a family member asked me to help him figure out how his youngest daughter, who isn’t even two yet, was spending money on his Fire tablet. She had apparently spent more than $20 just clicking around and buying random videos. I showed him how to set up parental controls and block those activities from happening automatically but not before accidentally spending $2 myself. Amazon does not put a lot of barriers between you and spending money, and that can be an issue if you have young children. Especially when they learn to say “Alexa.”

Today, Amazon introduced the Echo Dot Kids Edition along with upgraded versions of the FreeTime and the more advanced FreeTime Unlimited services….

Windows 10 Lean, une nouvelle version allégée de Windows 10 ?

La prochaine version de Windows 10, où devrais-je dire la suivante puisque l’on parle de Redstone 5, devrait inclure une édition allégée baptisée « Lean », conçue spécialement pour les appareils ayant un plus faible espace de stockage. Au fur et à …

Best gaming headset for Xbox One and PC streamers

In an age when content creation is more accessible than ever, taking your production values to the next level can be a confusing task.

One of the most annoying things to deal with as a Twitch or Mixer game streamer is audio. Feeding your microphone via your PC, while mixing in sound from your Xbox One, while simultaneously capturing party chat and/or stream sound effects from your overlays can be a complex affair. There are a few simple solutions available on the market without resorting to expensive sound mixers, and these are the best of the bunch.

Canalys: Samsung ships 8 million Galaxy S9 phones in one month

Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at MWC in February, and the phone started hitting store shelves mid-March. A month later 8 million units of the new flagship series have been shipped, matching the numbers Galaxy S8 posted same time last y…

News: Daily Deal: JS HiFi Sound System

Today in iLounge Deals, you can get the JS HiFi Sound System for only $75 — that’s 50% off the regular price. This Bluetooth-enabled sound system has one additional handy feature that differentiates it from other Bluetooth speake…

Fortnite : pourquoi les joueurs craignent le crash d’une météorite ? – Phonandroid


Fortnite : pourquoi les joueurs craignent le crash d’une météorite ?
Une météorite menace de s’écraser dans Fortnite ! Depuis plusieurs semaines, les malicieux développeurs d’Epic Games s’amusent à teaser, via de nombreux easters eggs, la chute imminente d’une météorite sur Tilted Towers, une ville constituée de
Un OVNI à côté de la météorite dans le ciel de
Fortnite : De nouveaux indices prouvent que la comète arrive demain !Gamespell (Communiqué de presse) (Blog)
De nouvelles preuves indiquent que la météorite s’écrasera sur Tilted Towers demain !CONNECTESPORT.COM
Gentside gaming
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