Bon Plan – 5% de remise immédiate chez Top Achat

Jusqu’à mardi, Top Achat octroie 5% de réduction immédiate sur l’ensemble de son site Internet, y compris les ordinateurs portables. Pour bénéficier de 5% de remise immédiate, direction Top Achat. Ensuite, ajoutez au panier le ou les produits de votre …

Moto G6 pops up on Geekbench

Rumors have been suggesting a Moto G6 is on its way – first we saw some specs, then we saw some images. Now the phone allegedly popped up on Geekbench, revealing some of the specs. Apparently, the phone, most likely to be called officially Moto G 6th …

Batgirl : Joss Whedon abandonne le projet

Le réalisateur d’Avengers 1 et 2 lâche le projet Batgirl et s’explique.
Cet article Batgirl : Joss Whedon abandonne le projet est apparu en premier sur Journal du Geek.

CAT S61 to be demoed at MWC 2018 next week

The name CAT has always been associated for toughness. We’ve been featuring numerous rugged phones already since 2012 but it was only this week that we see a CAT phone undergoing Zack Nelson’s Durability Test. And so the CAT S41 was scratch…

Windows 10, Windows Update va devenir plus rapide

Microsoft travaille sur des optimisations afin d’accélérer son service Windows Update. En particulier le géant souhaite que le processus de mise à niveau, lors de la sortie de nouvelles versions de Windows 10, soit plus rapide. Actuellement ce processus peut demander plusieurs heures sur les PC âgés. L’information a été donné par Dona Sarkar, responsable …

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Samsung OLED TV reports rubbished by company’s TV boss

Samsung hasn’t made a new OLED TV for a few years now and the company has consistently maintained that its QLED technology is better than OLED which rivals like LG have been using for their premium TV sets. However, it was reported earlier this week that Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jae-yong had ordered a review […]

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MWC 2018 : Energizer annoncera un smartphone doté d’une batterie de 16 000 mAh, « la plus grosse batterie au … – Le Journal du Geek

Le Journal du Geek

MWC 2018 : Energizer annoncera un smartphone doté d’une batterie de 16 000 mAh, « la plus grosse batterie au …
Le Journal du Geek
Energizer sera présent au Mobile World Congress qui se tiendra la semaine prochaine à Barcelone. Et il y présentera un nouveau smartphone, l’Energizer Power Max P16K Pro, un appareil doté d’une batterie… de 16 000 mAh ! Vous vous souvenez de l’Oukitel
MWC 2018 : Energizer lance un smartphone avec une énorme batterie 16.000 mAhPhonandroid
Power Max P490S, un borderless de 5 pouces chez EnergizerUptech

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Transformation des modes de travail

30 années d’évolution au service de notre quotidien. Comprendre le chemin parcouru pour mieux préparer l’avenir. 30 ans, c’est le temps record qui aura été nécessaire pour changer de Monde. Trois décennies pour modifier en profondeur nos habitudes et n…

Apple Pay progresse sûrement… mais lentement –

Apple Pay progresse sûrement… mais lentement
La progression du système de paiement d’Apple est bonne mais le nombre d’utilisateurs reste marginal hors des Etats-Unis. Et gare au développement de la concurrence. Sur les 795 millions d’iPhone actifs dans le monde, seuls 16% utiliseraient Apple Pay
Apple Pay : 127 millions d’utilisateurs dans le monde, avec une hausse attendue pour les prochaines annéesiPhoneAddict
Apple Pay a désormais 127 millions d’utilisateurs actifsiPhonote

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Il n’existe plus de chevaux sauvages sur Terre – Le Républicain Lorrain

Il n’existe plus de chevaux sauvages sur Terre
Le Républicain Lorrain
Des chercheurs nous apprennent cette triste nouvelle : il n’existe plus de chevaux sauvages dans le monde. Vu 1 fois; Le 23/02/2018 à 09:28; mis à jour à 09:28. Des chevaux sauvages – ou plutôt libres – dans le parc national de Khustain Nuru, Photo HD
Il n’existe plus de chevaux sauvages sur Terre (étude)Sciences et Avenir
Il n’y a plus de chevaux sauvages sur TerreCorse-Matin
Nouveau mystère sur l’origine des chevaux domestiquesLe Figaro
CNRS (Communiqué de presse)
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Samsung Max is a new app for data savings and privacy

Samsung today announced the launch of Samsung Max, its new Android application for mobile data savings, data usage monitoring, enhanced Wi-Fi security, and application privacy management. Technically, Samsung Max is not a new app, but rather a substantial Samsung branded UI and feature update to the Opera Max app that comes pre-installed on select Galaxy […]

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Motorola Moto Z2 Force on AT&T gets Oreo update

AT&T has started pushing out a new update to Motorola Moto Z2 Force units on its network. Weighing in at 334MB and arriving as build number OCX27.109-47, it’s a major update that brings along Android Oreo.

As clear from the above screenshot, th…

Uber ne compte pas lâcher l’Asie du Sud-Est

Le nouveau P-dg d’Uber a démenti les informations prêtant au service de VTC l’intention de se retirer du marché en Asie du Sud-Est. Il prévoit au contraire de continuer à y investir “agressivement”.

HP Inc entame bien l’année

L’entreprise qui couvre les ventes d’ordinateurs et les solutions d’impression a vu son chiffre d’affaires progresser de 14% sur un an avec notamment de bonnes ventes de PC.

HTC reportedly lays off employees from its U.S. smartphone team

The resignation of HTC president of smartphone and connected devices Chailin Chang didn’t really come as a surprise given the company’s public difficulties for that sector of its business in the U.S. market. It looks like that’s just the beginning of t…

Sea of Thieves’ skull-shaped clouds mark rich Skeleton Forts

Follow that cloud and loot that treasure.

Sea of Thieves features a lot of randomly-generated world events, but some of the most significant have to be Skeleton Forts. Skeleton Forts are lairs that appears throughout the world, where players can find challenging combat and treasure. If you see a massive skull-shaped cloud on the horizon, follow it and it will eventually lead to a Skeleton Fort. These areas are swarming with foes, so don’t expect to take them all on your own if you wish to succeed.

There is much more loot found in the Treasure Room of the Skeleton Fort than you can carry. This means that after you’ve destroyed all enemies, you might have to contend with other players for the best items. The threat doesn’t end with killing the Skeleton Captain.

Tech’spresso en vidéo : iPad façon iPhone X, Google boude Samsung et My PlayStation se lance – Frandroid


Tech’spresso en vidéo : iPad façon iPhone X, Google boude Samsung et My PlayStation se lance
… est disponible pour 305 euros · > Voir tous les bons plans. X. En poursuivant votre navigation, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies qui permettront notamment la mesure d’audience et le ciblage publicitaire selon vos centres d’intérêts. En savoir

OnePlus 5T Lava Red officially sold out in North America

Just a few weeks after being launched, the Lava Red variant of the OnePlus 5T smartphone is officially sold out in the United States and Canada. This announcement was made by the Chinese company itself through its Google+ account.

In Europe, th…

Android Go phones will be unveiled at next week’s MWC 2018

The weekend is upon us which means the Mobile World Congress is finally happening. Some of you may be heading to Barcelona, Spain right now for the opening of the MWC 2018. We’ll be there to cover and check-out the latest in the mobile industry. …

Samsung starts building its new production line for 7nm chips

Samsung was due to break ground on a new production line for 7nm chips and that’s precisely what the company has done today. It broke ground on a new line in Hwaseong, South Korea to maintain its leadership in the advanced semiconductor technology market. Samsung is going to invest $6 billion into this new line […]

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Samsung Internet crosses 500 million installs on the Play Store

Of all the Samsung apps that come pre-installed on Galaxy devices, Samsung Internet is the least offensive one to many users. In fact, many users consider it to be a better option than Google’s offering. The beloved Samsung Internet Browser has now crossed 500 million installs on the Google Play Store according to the install […]

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OnePlus 5T Lava Red official sold out in North America

OnePlus launched a red color version of the OnePlus 5T for Valentine’s Day. We knew it would only be a limited edition offer but we hoped there would be leftover stock. Then again, we’re not really surprised because the special version has 128GB …

Google announces RCS for business-to-consumer communication

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and is the upgrade that SMS has desperately needed for a long time. Over the past couple of years, Google has dedicated itself to facilitating carriers’ transition to RCS on a global scale and Google announce…

Deal: LG Q6 for $160 this Sunday on Amazon

If you’re looking for a new and inexpensive smartphone that’s also attractive, look no further than the LG Q6. Amazon already sells the LG Q6 at a discount of $50 for the Prime Exclusive version – this comes out to $200.

LG has let us know that the…

Moleskine’s new Pen + Ellipse is a standalone smart pen

If you’re the type of person who likes both analog writing and digitizing your notes or sketches, Moleskine’s smart writing system is the perfect combination for you. You get the best of both worlds although you will have to spend a little more of cour…

Call of Duty: WWII ‘Resistance’ DLC launches on Xbox One and PC in March

Xbox One and PC owners don’t have to wait much longer for Call of Duty: WWII’s latest content.

The Call of Duty games have serious and bizarre sides, all at the same time. Call of Duty: WWII features a gritty campaign which takes you across various battles and zones, but it also features a “Zombies” mode which includes an over-the-top story. Today, Activision announced that “The Resistance”, the first add-on pack for the game, is coming to Xbox One and PC on March 1, 2018.

New leak prices the Galaxy S9 at €841, Galaxy S9+ at €997

At the beginning of this week some contradictory pricing information for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+ got leaked. Today Evan Blass, a.k.a. @evleaks, only adds to the confusion with the newly outed images you can see below.

So according to t…

Xbox and PC adventure ‘Past Cure’ gets mind-bending launch trailer

Past Cure looks like a cross between D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Quantum Break.

Today, developer Phantom 8 released the launch trailer for Past Cure and it’s quite exhilarating. The game is a supernatural story-driven experience set to launch on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on February 23, 2018.

Peugeot 508 : changement de définition –

Peugeot 508 : changement de définition
Peugeot 508 Quand Peugeot avait lancé une motorisation diesel sur la 403, les taxis parisiens furent parmi les premiers clients. Et dans les années 1980, il y eut des centaines de 505 diesel taxis à New York. Et aujourd’hui encore, partout en France
Peugeot 508, la berline s’affirmeLe Blog Auto
GENEVE 2018 : Peugeot 508Blog Automobile (Blog)
PSA. L’au-revoir amer de Rennes à la 508Le Télégramme
Franceinfo –
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Android, Quel est le meilleur antivirus ?

Android est un système d’exploitation de plus en plus utilisé. Sa croissance est synonyme de popularité si bien que le développement d’applications malveillantes s’accélère.  Il est possible par des pratiques simples d’assurer une bonne protection. Par exemple le fait de s’assurer de la provenance des applications est un bouclier efficace. L’usage d’un antivirus peut également …

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Moto G6 Plus design, build, and specs leaked

The Moto G6 Plus already posed for Mr. Blurry Cam last month while the Moto G6 Play’s rendered images and a 360-degree video were shown off. Specs and pricing were also leaked last week but now we’ve got another preview of the Plus variant….

Kingdom Hearts III for Xbox One: Everything we know so far

Want to know what’s going on with Kingdom Hearts III for Xbox One? Here’s what we know so far

In the early years of gaming, there were quite a few swings taken at the creation of a game utilizing Disney properties. Most of those games ranged anywhere from unplayable to mediocre in quality.

Then in 2002, Square released Kingdom Hearts on PlayStation 2. Disney fans and gamers rejoiced as they finally had a significant video game with Disney characters. Thus far, there have been a total of nine Kingdom Hearts games but not until 2018 has there been a new title offered on Xbox.

We have been hearing rumblings about Kingdom Hearts III for years, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for fans of the series. As it stands now, we should see a release toward the end of 2018. However, what do we know about Kingdom Hearts III? Let’s take a look.

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A whole new world

Les opérateurs régionaux en guerre contre Covage

Les opérateurs régionaux membres de l’AOTA – l’Association des Opérateurs Télécoms Alternatifs – sont très remontés contre Covage, qu’ils accusent de ne pas jouer le jeu de la libre concurrence, tout en empochant de l’argent public. Explications……

Dell’s 15-inch touchscreen laptop is down to $499

Touchscreen, tons of space, and plenty of ports. For under $500.

The Microsoft Store has this Dell Inspiron 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop for $499. This model goes for around $570 on Amazon and even more at other retailers.

The screen is an IPS panel with 1920×1080 pixel resolution, LED backlighting, and 10-finger multi-touch support. It uses an Intel Core i5 8250MU processor up to 3.4Ghz. It has 8GB DDR4 RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and integrated Intel Graphics 620. It comes loaded with Windows 10 Home and has two USB 3.1 ports, one USB 2.0 port, one HDMI port, and an SD card reader.

See on Microsoft Store

All hardcore RPGs should strive to mimic Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s design

Warhorse Studios’ new hit role-playing game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is arguably one of the deepest and complex games in the genre. Here’s why its design should serve as something other games aim to achieve.

It’s rare for games to never hold your hand throughout your time with them. Most flood you with hints about how to succeed, and almost all of them give you a detailed step-by-step guide to everything at the beginning of the game. However, this is not the case with Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Aside from a very brief prologue that nudges you in the right direction about things, Kingdom Come lets you figure things out on your own. While that makes the game more difficult, it also makes it a much more interactive and immersive experience. Pair that with the realistic mechanics, and I believe Warhorse Studios struck gold with the formula. Here’s why future role-playing games (RPGs) should follow in the company’s footsteps.

Best Streaming TV Services For Cord-Cutters

Want to join the cord-cutting revolution? Here are some services you ought to read up on!

Cutting the cord is becoming more commonplace every year. While popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have done an excellent job of leading the charge, some people would love to cut the cord but still enjoy the same TV programming their cable provides them.

Streaming TV Services are a blend of traditional cable and streaming services that allow you to access not only on-demand but also live TV channels, so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite shows.

PlayStation Vue
Sling TV
DirectTV NOW
Hulu with Live TV
YouTube TV

Playstation Vue

Available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles across the U.S., PlayStation Vue lets you access some of the most popular networks on television for a monthly subscription fee….

Review: KEF Egg Wireless Digital Music System

In recent years, we’ve written about a lot of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and loudspeakers. There is, however, another type of sound system that we rarely see: desktop speaker systems. Simple two-channel systems, someti…

Microsoft pushing to make Windows 10 updates faster

Microsoft is pushing to further improve the Windows Update process with speedier upgrade times.

One of the highlights of Microsoft’s shift to Windows as a Service (WaaS) with Windows 10 is that it now ships more frequent feature updates. …

Huawei MediaPad M5 10 (Pro) key specs revealed

Demand for tablets might be down, but Huawei posted a huge 28% YoY growth in 2017. According to leaked info, the company plans to keep it going and is planning to launch the MediaPad M5 10 (Pro) anytime soon, probably at the MWC 2018. According to Rol…

Faut-il acheter le Galaxy S8 ou’attendre le Galaxy S9 ?

S8, S8 + ou … S9 ? Faut-il acheter maintenant le fleuron actuel de la marque sud-coréenne ou attendre l’arrivée de son successeur ? Voici la réponse à notre dilemme.(Ceci est un teaser – cliquez ici pour lire l’article en entier)

Le jeu mobile du jour : Alto’s Odyssey sur ton iPhone et iPad – Geek Junior

Geek Junior

Le jeu mobile du jour : Alto’s Odyssey sur ton iPhone et iPad
Geek Junior
On avait adoré Alto’s Adventure, on ne devrait pas être déçu par sa suite, Alto’s Odyssey, déjà disponible sur iPhone et iPad (payant). Alto’s Odyssey est un runner game dans lequel tu incarnes un snowboardeur. Roi de la glisse, tu vas devoir dévaler
Alto’s Odyssey est disponible (en avance) sur iPhone, iPad et Apple …Mac4ever

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MWC 2018 : Hello, le Smart Display sous Android selon Archos

Tenez-vous prêts, l’année 2018 sera chargée en annonce de produits du même genre : les Smart Display. Dispositifs intégrant à la fois un écran et de haut-parleurs, ils sont contrôlables à la voix mais également via l’écran tactile et sont prêts à rép…

Let Seagate’s $76 external drive keep 3TB of your most important files backed up

A must-have.

Seagate’s 3TB Expansion desktop hard drive offers a ton of storage space in a rather small package, which makes it very desirable. It doesn’t take up a ton of space on your desk and with its USB 3.0 connection it makes backing up and transferring files a breeze. Whether you have a large photo library or keep local copies of all your important tax documents, this external drive can be useful to everyone in the family.

It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, though the company notes that you may need to reformat the drive to use it with a Mac machine. This drive is part of a larger one-day sale that includes tons of other storage devices, routers, modems and more.

See at Amazon

Acer Swift 7 vs. LG gram 14: Do you prioritize design or performance?

It might be the thinnest 14-inch laptop right now, but is the Acer Swift 7 worth the money?

The revamped Acer Swift 7 SF714, revealed at CES 2018 and branded as “the world’s thinnest laptop,” is expected to hit markets sometime April 2018. LG’s gram lineup, strong contenders in the thin and light category of devices, also has a 14-inch model expected to hit markets this spring alongside 13- and 15-inch models that are already available. If you’re shopping around for a new 14-inch device and love the idea of something that’s incredibly mobile, you probably have both of these laptops in your sights. I’ll compare the two here to help you decide which is best for you.

Hunt: Showdown est disponible en accès anticipé – NoFrag


Hunt: Showdown est disponible en accès anticipé
En alpha fermée depuis le 31 janvier, il n’aura pas fallu attendre longtemps pour que le jeu de chasse au monstre en PvP arrive en accès anticipé sur Steam. Crytek a probablement jugé que la hype autour du jeu était à son apogée, grâce à une recette
Hunt Showdown rentre en accès anticipé sur Steam, mais n’était pas prêt selon ses
Hunt : Showdown est entré en phase d’accès anticipé

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Smartphone, pour la première fois en 12 ans les ventes reculent

Le quatrième trimestre de 2017 a marqué un moment historique dans l’histoire du smartphone. Pour la première fois depuis 2004, les ventes sont en baisse. Les chiffres sont issus de la dernière étude de Gartner. Les ventes globales de smartphone au quatrième trimestre 2017 sont en baisse de 5,6% face à la même période en …

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L’action d’Archos explose après avoir annoncé un nouveau produit – Frandroid


L’action d’Archos explose après avoir annoncé un nouveau produit
C’est ce que l’on appelle l’effet Kodak. Archos a annoncé un portefeuille physique de cryptomonnaies en amont du Mobile World Congress, ce qui a eu pour conséquence de faire grimper en flèche son action en Bourse. L’action d’Archos à l’EuroNext a pris
Archos Safe-T Mini : le portefeuille sécurisé de cryptomonnaiesGénération NT
ARCHOS tente sa chance dans la crypto-monnaies en proposant un portefeuille physique pour 50€ !Le Journal du Geek
Archos : Archos va lancer un portefeuille pour crypto-monnaiesTradingSat
Bourse Direct
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Microsoft opens up new €134 million campus in Dublin

The new campus will house 2,000 employees and marks the completion of just under three years of construction.

Microsoft today opened its new campus in Dublin, Ireland, bringing to completion a project that took more than two years to construct. …

Samsung Galaxy Note8 long-term review

While some phones are inspired by the ‘less is more’ mantra, Samsung’s Galaxy Note family has always proudly claimed that ‘more is more’. More features, more options, more settings, more ways to interact with your handset, more choice made possible by…

HP’s Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Envy x2 is now up for preorder

HP’s Envy x2 is the first Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PC to go on sale since their reveal in December.

Microsoft and its partners debuted the first Windows 10 on ARM PCs in December, but, outside of a general release timeframe of “spring 2018,” it wasn’t clear when they would be available. …